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Mobile Barber
Winnipeg, Canada
We do it right at the comfort of your own home at half the price your local barber charges.

Call/text Abu (Musu Marah's son) at 204.430.1482

Atiga Widow's Foundation
Helping and sponsoring widows in Sierra Leone
Call Abigail Harding in Winnipeg at 204.881.6716 to donate

Bronze Medallion Award 2014
Bronze Medallion Award 2015
Silver Medallion Award 2016
Silver medallion award 2017 
Gold medallion award 2018
Silver medallion award 2019 
Silver medallion award 2020
Attention: New Home Buyers
Are you planning to buy a newly built home?
If you are considering buying a new home from local builders such as Ventura, Randall, Artista, Gino's, Kensington, A&S, Broadview or Qualico, please contact me first.
If you go directly to the builder, they will hire an agent who represents the builder's best interests.
I will represent you and make sure you pay the lowest possible price for your new home. I will deal with any builder on your behalf. You do not need to pay me a fee.
So, before you go to a builder, please call me at 204-955-6346 and find out how I can help you find the best home at the best price.
Hi , Our names are Regina Vamboi-Fofanah  and Ahmed Fofanah 
Our mission is to assist those who are less fortunate by providing food, clothing, shelter and other necessities.
So far our efforts have helped Widows/Widowers,orphans ,those living with disabilities and families struggling to make ends meet. 
By doing this, we hope to lift the spirits of those who are less privileged and improve their quality of life. 
Join us on our journey to provide essentials to families in need..

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