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Dear community members,

As we all know, the position of Assistant Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba (SALNAM), Winnipeg, Canada, has being vacant for the past one month or so. On behalf of the executive I'm  kindly asking the community to please fill in this position. If any community member is interested please contact the president of the organisation - Alie Hassan Nasralla on 2045093497 or you can send me an email at

I also want to reiterate that all matters will be discussed in private with the individual for the purpose of confidentiality. Please come on board to help our ever growing community to foster the peace and oneness .

Compliment of the season and a happy new year in advance.

Your sincerely
Alie Hassan Nasralla
Until recently, Nandi (pictured with kids), a single mom of two children was working at completing her studies in Education. 

On April 3,  2018, she noticed a lump in her breast. Upon seeing her doctor, she was referred for a mammogram, PET scan and biopsy. Sent to her oncologist at Cancercare  Manitoba, she was ready to do whatever treatment was needed to stay alive. Unfortunately, the oncologist had nothing to offer, saying that she already had stage IV breast cancer and that it had spread to her lungs and bones. Radiation, surgery and chemotheraphy were no longer viable options.  Other than being offered pain treatment, she was told that in all likelihood, her condtion was fatal and that she should put her affairs in order.  As a mom of two young children, Nandi was in absolute shock, but determined to find other answers.

Thankfully, her church community was able to lend immediate support in getting her in touch with a Naturopath down in the States, who gave her some hope as she began a process of strengthening her immune system through a specialized diet and supplements. After further research, she has now discovered some additional complimentary treatments available in Manitoba that can further support her quest to combat this cancer.  As of yet, these treatments are not covered through Manitoba Medical, though some are quite common in Germany and other places in Europe.

As a friend of Nandi and her mother Lindy Guma, I am setting up a Gofund in her name, so that she can have the financial support needed to begin paying for these treatments immediately.  Lindy, her mother, is setting up the account from which all treatments will be paid. We do not want Nandi to worry about the finances, but to focus on her journey to health, and spending quality time with her children.

We are fortunate to be in Canada, where we can receive great care, but unfortunately for Nandi, conventional medicine is no longer an option. We are depending on the love and sacrifices of our communities to ensure that she can get the best alternative care we can find.  We will keep you informed as she continues her journey.

Lindy and I would like to give you thanks from the bottom of our hearts for your contributions and prayers, as well as for sharing this story with others!

Go Fund Me link: Click here......
Dear community members,

The SALNAM executive is calling on all community members to an emergency general meeting on Sunday February 17th, 2019 at 2 pm. The meeting will take place at the Resource center - 251 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, MB.

We are calling all Sierra Leoneans to please attending this meeting. As we all aware of the death of Mrs. Haja Hawanatu Sesay, the mother of Frances Forsonah. The family needs the support of the community.  I hope to see you on Sunday February 17th at 2pm.


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