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Behind the Scenes with Lans Omar 

January 21, 2023. 

From Winnipeg, Canada, respect to all my friends, fans & fam!

The weekend vibes are here – The Golden Child bashed for being more Canadian than Sierra Leonean, the SALNAM financial status, Sierra Leone presidential elections 2023 – vote your conscious, the question of the day, plus lots more. You're about to read another mind-busting edition of “Behind the Scenes". This column is the radical thoughts of one guy called Lans Omar aka the “Golden Child” - born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone. 

Let's do this: Lately, I’ve been attacked on social media as not been patriotic to Sierra Leone and people are blogging that I'm considering myself more Canadian than Sierra Leonean. My only crime here is saying that - “I’m Canadian” with the Canadian flag on all my social media platforms. One dude sent me a message saying that the Golden Child has “jumped into the water and turned to a fish”. Another blogger called me a “nincompoop”, lol.

I just want to set the record straight – I’m a Sierra Leonean, born and raised in Freetown. I’ve been out of Sierra Leone for exactly a quarter of a century, and I’ve lived in Canada for 23yrs, mostly all of my adult life, right? I married a Canadian white chic with two Canadian kids (NOT Sierra Leonean kids), how the heck do you expect me to pledge allegiance to Sierra Leone over Canada? What do you expect of me? Oona go Eastern Police!

For me - living in Canada is living the North American dream. I have an enviable job with the Government of Canada, yes, with the Feds (Service Canada, to be precise), a crib, rides, a family, good friends and people around me. For the record, Canada is the #1 country in the entire world with the highest standard of living. Why do I want to trade that to Sierra Leone where its citizens have to scramble for running water on a daily basis, let alone electricity and healhtcare? Oona lef me ya.

Switching gears: Now that the Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba (SALNAM) presidential elections are over and a new president has been inaugurated, some of us have been seen as snitchs for publicly bringing out the financial status of the community money to the public. On a very serious note, I was a bit shocked to see some certain things happening on the night of the SALNAM inauguration on stage, yes – on stage. For the very first time in SALNAM’s history, no DETAILED financial report was READ/DISTRIBUTED in an inauguration ceremony. It’s a shanda, a shame to see that happening and people get away with it. Oona Feel say ar cras but one day oona all go learn!

Next stop:  The Sierra Leone presidential election 2023 is just few months away; the current government has instructed the Electoral Commissioner (what’s his name again?) to release a timeline for the conduct of the 2023 multi-tier elections. I just want to quickly pin-point that, and I’ve said it before, if you’re totally fine with the current state of the country, put all political and tribal differences aside and vote SLPP! Period! On the flip side, if you go to bed hungry, sleep in black-out, having to hustle for drinking water, healthcare is not available, transportation is a nightmare and blah, blah, blah, you know what to do. Again, put aside the tribal and political nonsense and vote your conscious! Period!

Question: When is SALNAM going to announce the financial report from the past administration of Alie Hassan Nasralla? Just wondering.

Finally: Again, the weekend is here! Wifey is going to be out of town for the whole of next week. So, I'm taking this weekend off friends and chill with my "Pretty Woman", nor to me say leh you nor get fine woman. 


Fellas, please take it easy over weekend. If you’re partying, you know the rules - party responsibly! Have a great weekend! Lonta. 

I'm out of here!  

Cheers fellas! 

The Golden Child.