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Winnipeg, Canada.

May 15, 2021.

Hello everyone! 

The weekend is here! – More tougher restrictions laid out in the province. – that means no BBQ and chill out with friends and relatives. Anyways, as usual, I trust this message will reach you in good health.

Fellas, believe, this week I’m going to unpack some serious matters of the heart including the burial of Mykel Charlie Hinga (Dr. Kitch) in Freetown; SALNAM presidential elections call out; Double deaths in the Sierra Leone community in Edmonton, Canada, plus lots more including the question of the week. Again, you're about to read another mind-busting edition of “Behind the Scenes". This column is the radical thoughts of one guy called Lans Omar aka the “Golden Child”, born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Let's do this: Mykel Charlie Hinga aka Dr. Kitch was finally laid to rest on Friday May 7th, 2021 at the Ascension Town Cemetery in Freetown. One of Sierra Leone entertainment gurus and former SLBS broadcaster, Hinga, passed away in Freetown, Sierra Leone, on Tuesday April 27, 2021. During his funeral, the streets of Freetown were busting with bands and matches as Dr. Kitch’s body was transported to Ascension Town Cemetery. A full ensemble of band players, entertainers, footballers in uniforms, church members, boy scouts and girl guides, etc., participated in the funeral procession to the cemetery, reflecting Hinga’s impact on national culture.

Switching gears: The Sierra Leone’s Nationals Association of Manitoba Inc. (SALNAM), the umbrella body that looks after the welfare of Sierra Leoneans in Manitoba, Canada, is calling out all interested members in the community to act fast in order to participate in the upcoming presidential elections 2021. To be eligible to contest as a candidate in the presidential elections, you must be a paid-up registered member, attending meeting and be an active member of the community.

I’m not worry about the candidacy of SALNAM presidential election at all; What I’m worried about is the tribalization of the entire presidential election – mek ar run ba. Just like in Sierra Leone, so as in the diaspora or elsewhere, every single Sierra Leonean election that involves leadership is tribalized – the truth hurts, right.

The last election in Winnipeg was a terrible tribal presidential elections with the current prezo holding tight to the northern and Freetown strongholds while Ganda was leaning on his southern/Eastern people. During the last SALNAM presidential election campaigns, you can literally felt the tensions on both sides as each candidate hailed from different regions – Prezo from Norther/Freetown area, while Ganda is from the Southern/Eastern mainlands. My point here, I’ve been yapping a lot on this; I can’t stop tribalism amongst Sierra Leoneans, I don’t even know how’s that going to be ever eradicated, but we should just come together as one and  STOP the hate. At the end of the day, no one's getting paid here – nar just waste of time en idleness. Good thing me nor dae pan nor nasty SLPP/APC nonsense. I’m Canadian, I have nothing to do with a Sierra Leone tribal politics. Period.

Next stop: The Sierra Leone Association of Alberta (SLAA) in Edmonton, Canada, is battling the deaths of two of their community members this week. A young man named Augustine Kamara, a nephew of Mr. Foday Samura and younger brother Papani in Edmonton, died suddenly. Another member of the community, Mr. Hassan Bangura, a middle age man died couple of days after the death of Augustine Kamara. Hassan Bangura was a relative of Jesse & Susan in Edmonton. Reasons for both deaths are still unknown to the community. 

The Sierra Leone community in Alberta will be informed of any funeral arrangements from both families, and that will be convened to the Alberta community. May the Almighty God/Allah continue to uphold the bereaved families and grant both of them Jannah. Amen!


Finally: The Golden Child will be chilling at DJ Nazer's crib - quiet family thing. The weather looks beautiful outside! Fellas, please take it easy this weekend. If you’re partying, you know the rules - party responsibly! Lonta.

I'm out of here! 

Cheers fellas!

The Golden Child.