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Winnipeg, Canada.

January 4, 2020.

Hello everyone! Happy New Year folks! Wow! It’s 2020! OMG! 

As usual I trust this message will reach you in good health. The weekend is here again! Fellas, I'll be talking about Musu Mansaray (Nee Marah) and the sudden death of Kelvin Furgusson in Toronto, the 27yrs old son of the late Aunty Zainab of Winnipeg, I’ll also be talking about 40 Acres’ Canada’s Abdul Suhood Komeh’s latest article “Racism in Sierra Leone - The Nasser Ayoub Case” plus lots more. Behind the Scenes is the radical thoughts of one dude called Lans Omar aka the Golden Child, born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

First of all, 40 Acres Canada wishes our numerous readers, sponsors, retailers and advertisers in Sierra Leone, North America and in the diaspora a Happy New Year as we celebrate this Yuletide season with the company of our friends and family.

Let's do this: Winnipeg, Canada, is still struggling to come to terms with the death of PegCity’s finest Musu Mansaray on December 18, 2019 in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Ms. Mansaray was a very vibrant member of the Sierra Leone community in Winnipeg, Canada, until 2018 when she decided to relocate in Sierra Leone. To me, Ms. Mansaray was the blood sister I never had in Canada. I don’t f**king care what you guys think of our brotherly/sisterly relationship but it’s coming from the bottom of heart, and belaihi, Allah knows that, she was a sister, a confidant and my palava mate. All this while, she was fine walking the streets of Freetown until the night of December 17th when she fell ill, and was rushed to the hospital unconscious and passed away the following day December 18th. She was survived by five children and two grandchildren - all living in Canada. May the Lord forgive her sins and grant her Jannah. Amen!

In another development, the son of the late Aunty Zainab, Kelvin Fergusson, suddenly died on December 31 (New Year’s eve) in Toronto, Canada. Kelvin was found dead in the morning hours of New Year’s eve at home by his dad; Mr. Fergusson, the dad, was trying to wake him up in the morning for work but to no avail, Called the ambulance, checked him and was pronounced dead on the scene. Kelvin was 27yrs old. Again, may the Lord forgive his sins and grant him Jannah. Amen.

Switching gears: 40 Acres Canada’s Abdul Suhood Komeh’s is off the leash again; This time you’re going to love him or totally hate his guts. In his latest missive “Racism in Sierra Leone - The Nasser Ayoub Case”, Mr. Komeh critically thinks that this law is outdated and talks about racism in a third world Sierra Leone. This is a non-SLPP/APC issue but he argues about the recklessness of law makers in one of the poorest countries in the world. In “Racism in Sierra Leone - The Nasser Ayoub Case”, Mr. Komeh just simply put out a case that - not grating Nasser Ayoub his Sierra Leonean citizen, a man born on the soil of Sierra Leone by Lebanese parents, is totally wacked! Please DO NOT READ “Racism in Sierra Leone - The Nasser Ayoub Case” by Abdul Suhood Komeh, if your dare you'll asking yourself "why"? You heard me clearly!

Next stop: My people, let's consider Mrs. Hannah Parker in Toronto in our prayers; She's currently in palliative care in a hospital out there. Not too long ago, she was diagnosed with cancer, she fought it hard and was actually getting better and now just these past weeks the disease has returned full blow and she's now fighting for her life. Ms. Parker was a member of SALNAM while she lived in Winnipeg. Please include her in your prayers.

Question: Did you guys hear what happened to Fatima "Gucci" Bio at the national Stadium two weeks ago in Freetown? Lol. Gucci was clearly booed out at the "Hands off our Girls" rally. She was embarrassed by LXG's "Cherr Am" and ordered the DJ to be kicked out because the song didn't go with the rally's theme. The girls continued chanting "we want eat!" Poor girl Fatima Gucci, hailed all the way from the rugged streets of Serekunda, The Gambia, now Sierra Leone's First Lady. On a serious note, she's a chic I really like but she goes off scripts most times.

Finally: Please stay calm over the weekend - stressing yourself over nothing won't help you. Refrain from hate and jealousy, love your brother man and just let peace flow. And, if you’re partying over the weekend, remember to party responsibly. If you’re drinking, know the rules, don’t drive and, if you’re driving don’t drink. Lonta.

I'm out of here! 

Cheers fellas!
The Golden Child.