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Winnipeg, Canada.

November 28, 2020.

Hey fellas! 

The weekend is here, lockdown weekend – no chilling out, nada. It’s actually my favourite time of the week, but this lockdown is killing it. Again, I hope this message reaches you in good health and you stay safe. Amen! Amen!

Yo, this edition is loaded with a can of worms! I’ll be touching on Margaret Mafinda's dad who passed away in Sierra Leone, the $270 million airport extension project, the Ernest Bai Koroma interviews, Covid-19 crisis in Manitoba, Fatima Gucci plus lots more. Again, you’re about to read another “mind-busting” edition of “Behind the Scenes”. This column is the radical thoughts of one dude called Lans Omar aka the Golden Child, born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Let’s do this: Margaret Mafinda of Winnipeg, Canada, lost her dad, Mr. Sahr Samuel A. Mafiinda, on November 19, 2020 after a brief illness in Koidu Town, Kono, Sierra Leone. He was 84yrs. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions in Manitoba, sympathisers can not make any visit to Margaret/Ken Abu's residence but they can be reached at the following numbers: Margaret Mafinda (204) 291-0465 and Ken Abu Kamara at (204) 299-5489. All funeral donations can be made through Etransfer to May his soul rest in peace!

Seriously? $270 million spent on a stupid airport extension when Sierra Leone is sitting on the brink of destruction; The darkest country in the entire planet, serious? For f**king goodness' sake, $270 million can do a whole lot of things in that country instead of lavishly wasting that money on complete nonsense. 

Not too long ago, I remember thugs of SLPP ransacked the entire Makeni town, the heartland of the Northerners, and killed people for a simple generator plant to power that f**king airport, remember? OMGoodness, common sense, Maada Bio too big fool! Like a real fool! This is not even rocket science - Sierra Leone is in dire need of electricity and  running water, unarguably the only country on earth where its citizen literally scramble for drinking water and this dude has the audacity to waste that money on an already existing airport. Wow! Bo leh man dem tok the true.

So......? With all the bookman nonsense which these green boys are claiming, no one in that political cabal knew $270 million can get a brand new machine that can power every single corner of Sierra Leone. For real? And instead, he put that money to extend an airport. Upline boy nar upline boy ya - monkey nar monkey - munku nar munku. Anyways, I don't even know why I'm bothering with this issue when I've already denounced my Sierra Leonean citizenship - wuna nor go ever see me set foot nar that rotten place dae. Word!

What's going on with the two anti-corruption interviews that Ernest Bai Koroma recently completed? I saw people jubilating in Makeni over those interviews - for watin now? If the dude (EBK) did take monies that belong to the government of Sierra Leone, he's not above the law, he has to go through some scrutiny and explain himself. Let the commission do the right job and get all our monies back from APC, please. APC nar raray boys club ya, de bra dem good for lavish money.

Switching gears: Can someone please remind Fatima "Gucci" Bio that she's the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone and let het start acting, at least, as a lady on social media platforms especially Facebook, chai! This woman has to respond to every single criticism targeted at her. Does she even have a PR team that should be telling the First Lady what to wear, eat and which places to go, let alone which fight she should be engaging on social media. From the streets of Serekunda, The Gambia, to Council (project) housing in London, UK, to becoming Sierra Leone's First Lady, this woman is still in a state of shock! Somebody should tell Fatima Gucci to calm down! Please.

Next stop: Covid-19 Code red still in effect in Manitoba. The entire province is on lockdown. Fellas, you have to be very careful, this thing is very serious. Wash/sanitize your hands, practice social distancing and avoid larger groups.

Question: For the very last time, what's the fate of Kandeh Yumkella? We all know KKY's NGC is a play place, nothing's going to happen with that. Poor guy is left with some devastating choices of going back to "my roots" SLPP and face more humiliations or "swallow back his vomit" and join APC if he's really serious about becoming the next president of Sierra Leone! Your choice bro, either way is a winner.

Finally: The Golden Child is chilling with wifey over this weekend at the back yard and having a burnfire, looks like the weather is going to be fine! Fellas, please take it easy this weekend. If you’re partying, party responsibly. You know the rules - If you’re drinking, don’t drive and, if you’re driving don’t drink. Lonta.

I'm out of here! 

Cheers fellas!

The Golden Child.