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Winnipeg, Canada.

Saturday March 23, 2019.

Yeah, the weekend is here! Guess what? You're reading “Behind the Scenes” – the radical thoughts of one kid called the Golden Child, the kid that hailed from Yonibana, born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Let’s do this; I caused a frenzy atmosphere last week when I posted on Facebook about the ten (10) things most people don’t about me. The number one bullet point was a shocker – “I was actually born a twin, that’s why I’m so terribly difficult to deal with most times. My twin partner was a girl, she died at birth.” Wow! Yes, wow! Number two was another shocker, inasmuch as I crave the bottle but “I DON’T drink beer or EAT pork at all.” Number three – “My biological mom was Madingo – N’na Marie Kabba.” Wu sai this borbor comot with Tolongbo business now? Raaaaaaaaaa!

I’ll quickly skip to points number nine and ten. Point number nine, “I’m a die hard Conservative/Republican supporter.” I’m not a Trump supporter per se but I’ll embrace any Republican presidential candidate including Donald Trump. I hate Liberals and those stupid-head Democrats. Number ten – “I’m NOT an admirer/fan of President Barack Obama.” You heard me clearly!

Switching gears: What the latest on the Salone politics? I’ve actually taken a break off it until 2013. Is Maada Bio still the unofficially president?How about Yumkella? Wuna talk nor….. Also, I  eavesdropped that KKY is spearheading the APC leadership for the 2023 election, pan big fool, we nor want am nar APC! Period!

Next stop: SALNAM's Sierra Leone Independence celebration is fast approaching in Winnipeg, Canada - April 27, 2019. Tickets are out already for sale and the publicity for the event is gradually picking up. One thing I want to clearly make here is that we are all Sierra Leoneans and let's come together and have this done. Boycotting this event like some cross section of the community did for the inauguration and End of Year dinner and dance won't produce good fruits. It's just fueling the fire into an already HATE-UPROOTED Sierra Leone community in Winnipeg. I'm out of here. Too much of one thing is good for nothing. Wuna blow......

Since you're here - I might have just spill the beans: My wife is in town and off work for the Spring break, my two little brownies are off school too, I'll be having quality time with the family and chilling out. On a very serious note, this is the one thing I take pride of - my family.

And finally, it's the weekend! I'll be hanging out with the boys, I meant PegCity's boys (Bob, Main Bowl, Nazer and superstar Alaska). If you're driving during the weekend, don't drink - and if you're drinking, please don't drive.

You have yourself a great weekend, and stay out of trouble.

Cheers fellas!

The Golden Child