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Winnipeg, Canada.

Saturday May 6, 2019.

Fellas, the weekend is here again! How’s everyone doing? Hope all man dae tight en fine. Guess what? You’re reading “Behind the Scenes” – the radical thoughts of one cool dude called the Golden Child, born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Abdul Suhood Komeh, 40 Acres’ London, UK, based pen-pusher, was holidaying in Sierra Leone for a month and he just returned back. While in Freetown, Komeh literally went to the most controversial “Paopa” Bridge in Freetown and on his return to London he decided to pen an article simply titled “Tribalising Honour at the Bridge”. This piece is very raw! Mek ar run ba.

Let’s do this: OMG! Lately, a whole lot of people are wondering why I’m so laid back on the Tolongbo stuff. I’ve not been posting anything about Tolongbo on social media, not attending meetings, not active in groups, and blah, blah, blah. Let me clearly pin point something here; I was employed as a PRO to do the job, I did my job and the elections are over. I’m done! Secondly, I’m still not able to come to terms with some of my senior APC comrades to let the office of the National Electoral Commission to be run by an enemy – N’fa Ali Conteh.

Talking about N’fa Ali Conteh – Have you guys heard the latest? SLPP den bad oh! De guy den nasty ya! Wow! Now, after N’fa Ali Conteh gave SLPP an election that they don’t have a clue how to win, they (SLPP) are calling him (N’fa Ali Conteh) to resign or face a forceful removal. Well, God nor dae sleep – APC den sweh go Fallah N’fa Alie right to HELL!

Anyways, I don’t blame the Paopa Boys at all. First of all, trust is lost on N’fa Alie Conteh! If I were Maada Bio, I’ll do EXACTLY THE SAME. Some other dude will come again to N’fa Alie and offered him another two million US dollars to kick SLPP out, and who’s not going to take that money? Ar krass??

So, Bio and his crew are going to remove him – tell N’fa Ali Conteh “good do, e do so.” And, replace him with a die-hard real SLPP pekin – Wuna feel say Salone politics nar pekin play. I’m out of here! You f**king heard me clearly!

Switching gears: I was at the just concluded Sierra Loene Independence celebrations in Winnipeg last weekend and this one guy asked me if I have a job. What? Like a real job. The guy thinks because I’m this happy-go-person I just fool around and do nothing. This was my response - "I have three full time jobs. Yessss! Three full time jobs! 1). I work for the Federal Government of Canada; 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday. 2). I’m a Digital Media Strategist – I work full time at home in my basement. 3). I have a family to literally look after with two kids that are very active in extra-curriculum activities. Lans Junior plays pro basketball, I run around with him a lot. My daughter, Maryam, is aspiring to become the best swimmer in the country, and finally, I have to do my husband’s duties with my wife". The dude sat there and stared at me like a lost child – mad dem fool ya.

Next stop: I want to take this opportunity to thank all the members of  "they" that attended the SALNAM Independence last Saturday, it looks like with the exception of just few disgruntled people, "they" are cooling off. Love that and let's keep the peace going - hey, we're all Sierra Leoneans regardless of your marital, financial or political status.

Since you're here - I might have just spill the beans: A celebration of life for the late Alfred Koineh will take place today at City Oasis, commencing at 6:00pm, the entrance is free! Come out and celebrate the life of a brother who the Lord suddenly called.


And finally, I don't know if I want to say this here - wuna dae yerre the blabah nar de gron (Winnipeg)? Mek ar run ba. Anyways, it's not my business, I'm a very peaceful dude, Bob, Main Bowl and Nazer can attest to that the Golden Child is the coolest dude alive.

You have a great weekend!

Cheers fellas!

The Golden Child