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Winnipeg, Canada.
August 15, 2020.

Hello everyone! 

Yes! The weekend is here again and I hope you get this message in peace. Apparently, it’s my favourite time of the week - no work, just chilling, well, I guess I'll be BBQing with the boys this weekend. My vacation will be over tomorrow and back to work on Monday, and I wanna take this quality time to spend with the family, especially "pretty woman".

Fellas, In this edition, I’ll talk about Emmerson’s new album - 9Lives, the Makeni massacre, the passing away of Mrs Mary Sawyer in Winnipeg, the silence of Kandeh Yumkeh over troubles in the country, Adebayo, my resignation from APC party, plus lots more. Clearly, you’re about to read another mind-busting edition of “Behind the Scenes”. This column is the radical thoughts of one dude called Lans Omar aka the Golden Child, born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Let’s do this: Fondly called "MA" by her children and family members, Mrs. Mary Sawyer passed away on Tuesday June 30, 2020 at the St Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, Canada. Mrs. Mary Sawyer was the mother of Nancy, Fanta and Teresa of Winnipeg. The funeral service for Mama Mary Sawyer took place on Saturday, July 18th, 2020 at St. Bernadette Parish on 820 Cottonwood Road at 11 am. It was a private funeral due to the Covid-19 restrictions. May her soul rest in perfect peace! 

Emmerson has released a brand new 17 tracks album simply titled “9Lives”. What is 9Lives? Good question. Lives is a compilation of some politically distracted songs designed to distract SLPP but singer was got himself into some distress. Personally, I don’t listen to Salone music and I find all the songs very bad, like NOT GOOD. 
Interestingly, one song on the album got me thinking - “Kokonut Ede”. The song actually blasted for SLPP but the opposition APC are furiously mad at Emmerson. APC say Emmerson nor blast betteh for SLPP, lol. Both politically parties are full of bukkcrap, trust. Emmerson bad, lol. In “Kokonat Ede”, he sings that “nar now the munku dem cam - by packet”. He portrays four SLPP dudes with some strong Mende accents fighting over SUVs. Woyooo me mamie tiday.

Next stop:  The Makeni massacre! period. Like seriously over a stupid generator? Wow!  SLPP done kras
London based 40 Acres Canada's Abdul Suhood Kimeh nailed Kandeh Yumkella over his silence on dire national issues affecting the people of Sierra Leone. In Komeh's missive, which is available on this site, he tackles Yumkella's "no-response" over  the killings in Makeni; Bio's poor administration, and lots more. In my estimation, not Komeh's, KKY is done and totally off Sierra Leone politics. He should go find something better to do, rather than politics.

Fellas, do people in their right mind listen to Adebayor, just asking. I've actually listened to him a couple of times, not on a daily basis as some do, the dude is insanely stupid! Put Adebayor's phony predictions and mamie cuss cuss together, that make him one hell of a clown. The guy fool pass Dan Dogo. Please read Abdul Suhood Komeh’s piece on Adebayor as he tell you about pros and cons of listening to Sierra Loene’s most violent media blogger.

Question: What a minute? Why is Atilla still salty over that TV while this guy can't even see? I saw a Whatsapps video the other day, you can tell the removal of that TV from his place and his sacking are things that are still bothering him. F**k that! It's been over 3yrs and you're still crying over spilled milk. Chai, man dem still live in the 70s. 

Finally: I wanna just let everyone know that I've ultimately spoken to the VP of APC Canada (Manitoba Chapter), Mr. Dauda Konteh, that the Golden Child is officially resigning from my current position as PRO of the Chapter and resign too from the APC party and also resign from all political matters of the Republic of Sierra Leone. Ar get betteh thing for do. 

Fellas, please take it easy this weekend. If you’re partying, party responsibly. You know the rules - If you’re drinking, don’t drive and, if you’re driving don’t drink. Try to stay focus and stay bless. Lonta. 

I'm out of here! 

Cheers fellas!
The Golden Child.