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Winnipeg, Canada.

Saturday January 12, 2019

Last Saturday, 40 Acres Canada launched it’s first edition of “Behind the Scenes” – the radical thoughts of the Golden Child, and the outcome was not really a surprise but something really troubling.

I got people calling, emailing and texting me that I’m igniting a fire bomb in Winnipeg.

Apparently, there is a tribal flame fuming in the Sierra Leone community in Winnipeg and some people are trying to use me as the scapegoat – no way.

Wuna wait oh. Who are two of my closest friends in Winnipeg?  Bob Umar - Mende? Moses Shyllon - Mende? How could I hate such a beautiful group of people? Wuna lef me! This is not even an issue for me.

One the same scale, I received many missives from people all over the place that the team is doing a great job in regards to disseminating timely news amongst Sierra Leoneans not only in Winnipeg, Canada, but also in the diaspora. Remember, I was in London, UK, last September to receive an award for my outstanding contribution to the Sierra Leone culture. Wuna go learn.

What’s the latest scoop on the Sierra Leone independence celebrations in Winnipeg? Nar other blabah dae cam so. No Boycotting, please!

Anyways, 40 Acres Canada is unveiling a new banner starting next Saturday January 19, 2019! The banner will look like the current banner, however, the new banner will carry hands of freedom as 40 Acres literally means the requested 40 Acres of land freed slaves asked to be allocated to them. The shopping lady with the bags on this current banner will be removed.

Next stop: Valentine Strasser is sick and currently hospitalised in a hospital in Ghana. Poor guy, kicked out APC’s 27yrs of reign, got booted out in a palace coup, was languishing in his home town of Hasting, and now perishing in Ghana – let’s pray that Allah protects him! Ameen!

Switching gears: Have you heard from Alimamy Lotto lately? Remember the dude that showed up at the SALNAM "End of Year" dinner and dance all geared up in a 6/49 lottery win attire. Wu sai the guy dae now? $7,000,000 (Seven million dollars) nor to pekin money oh.

Since you're here: I might as well spill the beans. Rapper Amara Dennis Turay aka Kao Denero has gone insanely sick; He got a bunch of mad dudes to beat up another rapper for dissing him in a rap song. Wow! How dump? In front of a camera, Denero was acting so crazy like the world is coming to an end. I do hope he faces some serious consequences for his actions.

And finally, this is me just sitting behind the scenes. Hope everyone is having a good time with friends and family over the weekend. For me, it's a blast. Wifey is here and I'm chilling with the family.

Cheers fellas!

The Golden Child