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Winnipeg, Canada.
February 27, 2021.

Hello everyone!! 

Another weekend is here again! My favourite time of the week. As usual, the weekend is my free time, no work at all, just chilling at home with the family. I trust this weekend will be full of joy and blessing to you all.

Fellas, are you ready for another bombshell this weekend? I’ll be nailing on some serious issues – Sierra Leone’s chief Minister chop money, Etta Findlay finally leaves Jamaica, the passing of Pat Sheriff, SALNAM goodwill Covid packages, plus lots more including the question of the week. Again, you're about to read another nerve-wracking episode of “Behind the Scenes". This column is the radical thoughts of one dude called Lans Omar aka the “Golden Child”, born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Let's do this: His name is David J. Francis, an unknown figure until the boss of the ProudBoys, Maada Bio, created a non essential ministry as compensation for monies spent by this Chief Minister during the last presidential elections. I’ll give Chief Minister some props here – He’s an academic, prior to his current position in the government of Sierra Leone, he was a professor at the University of Bradford where he was the coordinator of the UNESCO Chair in African Peace and Conflict Studies. He is the author of nine books and over fifty journal articles and commissioned-policy papers. Period! Period!

The dude nar basta tiffman! Yes, you heard me clearly – wuna Chief Minister nar basta tiffman. Within just three and half years in office, Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister David J. Francis has squandered US$3.4 million according to the Africanist Press. US$3.4 million recklessly spent on travelling, per diems, hotels, fringe benefits and sleeping around with women – what the f**k!!! Like seriously, do you guys (ProudBoys) think every single Sierra Leonean is a f**king munku like you guys? For years now, this goddammn country called Sierra Leone has been at the bottom of the poorest countries in the world and yet still one group of people keeps lavishing money like that. Wuna all dae go nar hell one day! Trust! Basta pekin dem! The last time was Fatima Gucci Bio – the “celebrity” First Lady wasted US$520,000.00 on a shopping spree, travelling and nonsense in one single month of December. Wuna go learn!

Etta Findlay, the stranded Sierra Leonean lady in Jamaica, has finally left Jamaica on Friday with her daughter en route to Freetown. After revealing her dire circumstances of her life in The Weekend Star publication on January 22, the Sierra Leone Embassy in Washington quickly jumped into her case and helped her retuning back home.

Etta Findlay had recounted how, when she was a medical student in Cuba, a Jamaican swept her off her feet. She abandoned her studies and came to Jamaica to marry him. They later divorced and Findlay became penniless, living in an old church house.

Pastor Marlene Martin, who was instrumental in helping Etta Findlay through her church, was equally joyful seeing her going home with her daughter after spending over 25yrs in Jamaica. Welcome back home Etta Findlay!

Switching gears: Veteran MC and radio broadcaster Pat Sheriff has passed away in San Jose, Califonia, on February 17, 2021. Pat Sheriff was a veteran media powerhouse in all areas of broadcasting including DJing, MCing, commentary and more. The Sierra Leone entertainment has lost an icon in the business. May his soul rest in peace.

Next stop: The Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba (SALNAM), the umbrella body that governs the welfare of Sierra Leoneans in Manitoba, Canada, will be out this weekend delivering Covid-19 packages to seniors in our community. The package will include foodstuff, PPE and more. Please keep watching for the men in action as they come by your place to drop off items for you.

Question: I heard former VP of Sierra Leone, Chief Sam Sumana is vying to contest in the next Sierra Leone presidential elections under APC. Question: Is he mentally ok? Some man dem fool ya. After been disgracefully booted out of the party and you’re returning to that party again, leaving your own C4C out in the cold. Anyways, I’m out of here!

Finally: The Golden Child is chilling at home this weekend. It’s another cold weekend, so I’m in doors most of the time. Fellas, the weekend is here, party time. If you’re partying, you know the rules - party responsibly. Lonta.

I'm out of here! 

Cheers fellas!
The Golden Child.