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Behind the Scenes with Lans Omar
October 23, 2021.

Hello everyone! 

Winnipeg, Canada, and the rest of the world, what's going on?  I’ve been gone for a minute, like over a month or so. I was actually off work on vacation; I went to places in and out of Canada and back – it was all a blast been away from all the Winnipeg fusions and jists. Anyways, I hope this message reaches you in good health and in a fine spirit.

I’m going to be offloading a whole lot of stuff including the just-concluded Afro Arts Awards nite in London, the passing of Haja Mamie Wuya Koroma, Adebayor arrested in Germany, plus lots more. Again, you're about to read another neck-breaking edition of “Behind the Scenes". This column is the radical thoughts of one guy called Lans Omar aka the “Golden Child” - born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Let's do this:  In case you were wondering where the Golden Child had been for the past weeks with this publication noticeably absent in your inbox is pretty obvious; I was in London, UK, on a massive production awards nite. The just concluded Afro Arts productions’ “Honours for Outstanding Contributions 2021” awards nite was held on October 2, 2021 in London, UK. Unarguably, it’s the biggest Sierra Leone event anywhere, not compared to anything in any Sierra Leonean community elsewhere. I was in the production team creating the most elegant platform in modern showbiz. This is my excuse for not been around, my apologies to the entire readership. 

Thereafter, I was in Toronto, Canada, last week taking my daughter to Canada’s Wonderland for her 15th birthday celebrations – it was a blast also! Now, you know where this kid had been hiding.

Switching gears: The Sierra Leone communities at home and in the diaspora especially Canada are mourning the passing of Haja Mamie Wuya Koroma in Bo, Sierra Leone. Mamie Wuya, as she was fondly called, passed away on Monday October 11, 2021 after a brief illness. She was 84 years old. She had lived in Winnipeg, Canada, together with her children and eventually moved to Bo where she planned to live the rest of her life but Allah had called her sooner. Mamie Wuya was buried on Friday October 22, 2021 after Janaza prayers in Bo. May the Lord forgive her wrongdoings and grant her Jannah. Ameen! Sympathizers can reach the following family members Idrissa Boima - 431-336-4943, Aruna Boima - 204-951-2484, Mayanie Boima - 431-335-7278 & Esther Boima - 204-899-8407. If you wish to visit the family you can go to 511 William Newton Ave., Winnipeg, Canada.

Next stop: Sierra Leone’s political comedian, Adebayor aka “Mamie Cuss Boss”, was arrested by police in Germany for public nuisance. A video captured at the scene of the altercation clearly shows Adebayor been dragged by German police in public but Adebayor apparently denied having anything to do with the video. He came out with a disclaimer video the other day telling his fans that he's ok and his fans should not worry about his public safety. The following day, he was also involved in another demonstration in Germany where he was seen leading a group of disgruntled thugs manly supporters of the APC party. Dem bra ya nor get shame, you f**king lost the elections, whether it was by crook or whatever, go home and recamp and try to capture the 2028 elections because the 2023 Sierra Leone presidential elections have long been won by SLPP - wuna want bite me? Bring it on US$1,000.00 each. 

Question: Where is Alpha Saidu Bangura? Poor guy, he was a playing a bad card for Yumkella, and was blasting Bio like the world was coming to an end - see where he (Alpha Saidu) ended up now, SMH. I bumped into him in the US during the last elections, and I told him (Alpha Saidu) that Bio is a ruthless muthaf**ker, and you don't f**k around with him, now my advice is coming down on him like rains from the sky.

Finally: Again, the weekend is here, just got back to work after this long holiday break, trying to adjust the jetlag, but catching up. Well, it’s the last days of Summer and I’m going to be chilling around and just play it cool, definitely gonna hang out with pretty woman (Mrs. Vivian Omar) and vibe out over the weekend.

Fellas, please take it easy over weekend. If you’re partying, you know the rules - party responsibly! Have a great weekend! Lonta.

I'm out of here! 

Cheers fellas!

The Golden Child.