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Winnipeg, Canada.

November 9, 2019.

Hello everyone! I trust this message reaches each and everyone of you in good health and prosperity over this long weekend.  As you all know, it’s my favourite time of the week, I have to chill with my friends and family. Anyways, you’re about to read a mind-busting edition of “Behind the Scenes” – this message is the radical thoughts of one crazy dude called Lans Omar aka The Golden Child. I must warn you the contest of this edition is politically offensive – please read at your own discretion. Some man don frade right now. Lol, just dae bug wuna.

Let’s do this: The Sierra Leone community is Winnipeg, Canada, has been hit hard with another loss: Mr. Lansana Mansaray, a vibrant community member answered to the call of the Lord on Wednesday November 6, 2019 at the St. Boniface Hospital after battling with throat cancer. Mansaray had a rare form of throat cancer - Hyalinizing Clear Cell Carcinoma. He was the second person to have this type of cancer in Manitoba. Caught at stage 4 - chemotherapy, radiation and surgery were not options. Mansaray was married to Mrs. Adama Mansaray (Nee Jawara) with three children. May the Lord forgive his sins and grant him Jannah! Sympathizers can contact his wife and Abdulai Conteh (A.B.) on 204.583.4112.

Guess what? 40 Acres Canada has unveiled a new brand of t-shirts labelled “Sierra Leone – Where else?” The t-shirt carries the Sierra Leone flag stripped across with the “Sierra Leone” name above the flag and the lettering “Where else” at the bottom right hand of the flag. It will be retailed for CAN$30.00 and will be shipped worldwide. We accept Paypal, Etransfers, Visa, debit and paper money. “Sierra Leone – Where else” t-shirts will be available to the public on Monday December 2, 2019. Please preorder at

Next stop: Emotionally breakdown at the funeral of Nandi Guma in Winnipeg, Canada. It was a pretty sad moment as Nandi’s mom and the two little children she left behind accompanied the body to be laid to rest. She was buried at the Thomson In the Park Funeral Home and Cemetery at 1291 McGillivray.

Switching gears: What's the latest with the Paopa business in Sierra Leone. Please fellas, you'll have to pardon me on this - since I publicly announced that I'll not be participating in Sierra Leone politics anymore, I've just lost interesting in not only the politics but the entire country itself. Seriously, all medias that come into my archives about Sierra Leone politics are instantly deleted. One thing I'll be interested in know though is stuff about "your" First Lady Her Excellency Fatima Gucci. Mek ar run ba.... Poor girl, legal hustler from the crumbled streets of Serekunda, The Gambia, to become the most powerful woman in Sierra Leone. Wow! On a very serious note, I love Gucci. She and I have so much in common - legal hustlers, fashion sense, into showbiz and entertainment, ambitious and a go get it person. How she ended up being the First Lady of Sierra Leone is still a mystery to me. Anyways, I'm out of here.

Question: Wait a minute. Where is Alpha Saidu Bangura these days? The bra loss oh, nar man go tell am. He's dealing with a deadly maniac "Your" President Bio, so blasting for Bio is social media will lead Alpha Saidu Bangura to one place - Hell!

Since you're here -I might have just spill the beans: I'm heading out to Freetown, Sierra Leone, pretty soon. Somebody adviced me not to post my travelling on social media until my return back to Canada because the Poapa Boyz will go after me for blasting for them during the last elections. Anyways, I'm Canadian, and if you touch me while I'm in your country, you'll have to literally deal with the Federal Government of Canada! Period.

And finally, I was in Houston, Texas, last weekend to host the “Miss Africa Diaspora Beauty Pageant and Fashion Show 2019”. The Golden Child got an award for my outstanding contribution to the Sierra Leone culture, music and entertainment industry. Wuna go learn.

Fellas, this is Remembrance Day long weekend - if you’re partying over the weekend, remember to party responsibly. If you’re drinking, know the rules, don’t drive and, if you’re driving don’t drink. Lonta.

Cheers fellas!

The Golden Child