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Ziggy - Finally Laid to Rest

By Lans Omar,

Winnipeg, Canada.

Abdul Aziz Bangura aka "Ziggy" (pictured) was finally laid to rest on Thursday November 30, 2017 at the Transcona Cemetery in Winnipeg, Canada.

It was an emotional breakdown at the graveside.

What actually happened?

Ziggy got into a road accident in the early hours of  Friday November 24, 2017, just days after he celebrated his 32nd birthday; He was coming from Saskatoon en route to Winnipeg. He was pronounced dead on the scene. 

At only 32yrs, Ziggy's story was untold; He was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone and immigrated to Canada when he was 15yrs. Growing up in Winnipeg, he was the finest kid everyone liked and admired.

For some of us that had the opportunity to chill, dine and hustle with Ziggy, it's a totally different story from people who never actually met him in real life. Ziggy was fun, cheerful, playful and sometimes silly. He was one of the few people on the earth that I personally knew that didn't take anything for granted.

Even the officiating Imam who prayed over his body at the Madinah Masjid (mosque) clearly said: "Everyone talks nice of this young man and may Allah grant him Jannah - Inshallah".

The last time I literally saw him was a month ago. He pulled up at my backyard uninvited - yes, uninvited. That was him, he would show at a friend's place anytime anywhere as long as you guys were cool. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was hanging out with Moses Shyllon when he knocked at my back door. 

I opened the door. There he was - Abdul Aziz Bangura aka Ziggy!

"Tell Vivian this is my brother's house and I don't need any invitation to come here," he was yelling. Indeed he needed no invitation to come to my place. The kids and Vivian came out and all of us were chatting. 

When I saw Ziggy's lifeless body going down the grave, couple of things crossed my mind; Is there really an Almighty God that let this happened to a young man? What did he do to get into that gruesome accident? Why Ziggy? Why? Again, I had a rethink. Ziggy was born into an Islamic family, his dad Pa Amadu Bangura is one of the Islamic clerics in the Moslem congregation in the Sierra Leone community in Winnipeg. So, it's God's willing for this to happen.

As I write eulogy, another thing also crossed my mind; Ziggy was that skillful midfield soccer player. For those that that kicked the ball with him, it's a clear attestation that he was a Ronaldo and Messi combined into that hardcore body. He played for Sierra Stars of Winnipeg and Edmonton's Leone Stars.

Ziggy, you'll forever be missed! 

Ziggy, rest in perfect peace!