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"Mammy Nar Power" Zainab Sheriff Hitting Up Afro Arts Productions' Awards Nite

By Abdul Suhood Komeh,
London, UK.



No man, let alone woman, have had more impact in diverse popular culture in Sierra Leone like Zainab Sheriff (pictured). Convention-defying, independent-of-mind, intelligent, down-to-earth and textbook African beauty, all qualities within her.

Seamlessly, she made the transition from teenage pageant queen, to catwalk and billboard model, film star, TV presenter and hit-scoring singer of the female anthem, The Mammy Nar Power. Zainab Sheriff is peerless.

One of the symbols of Sierra Leone’s millennials and truly the product of her time and surroundings - resilient, resourceful and adaptable.

Zainab is not one to wallow in self-pity. Instead, she’s converted the most unfortunate scars, emotional and physical, personal and shared, of the disastrous 1990s war, to build the fortitude to out-soar odds, obvious and subtle, to incomparable success.

In a drought of opportunities and artistic constraints, she’s almost miraculously produced a body of work that has not just cast an indelible mark on culture, but reserve her a place in the pantheon of entertainment greats.

With graceful confidence, Zainab uses her vast experiences, talent and life, to inspire others, especially the young - something not unnoticed by society’s powerful. She’s received recognition from several institutions for her work in empowering women and girls.

In her early modelling career, and a resident stint in Turkey, she mixed and acquitted herself with poise and panache, amongst some of the World’s top models. A one time model in Turkey for UK luxury firm, Marks & Spencer (no mean feat), Zainab has met and worked with Hollywood superstars of the screen and stage, including guitarist and singer, Jermaine Jackson.

If not the only, she’s one of very few Sierra Leoneans to have achieved national celebrity and importantly, managed to garner a degree of interest outside Sierra Leone after participating in the African version of the television phenomena, Big Brother.

Zainab’s one of the most talented Sierra Leoneans of not just this, but any generation; she’s underscored that fact by consistently demonstrating in every of the various cultural stages she’s graced, that she’s no token participant but a natural shaper of contemporary trends.

With a real understanding of culture, and fittingly rewarded, ‘Star,’ understates Zainab’s contributions and impact. Truly, she’s a Super-Star of our times; an icon.

Fresh from performing at his year’s Miss Sierra Leone contest, Zainab Sheriff will be flying into the U.K. to receive an award for Outstanding Contribution to Culture, at the Afro Arts Productions show. On Saturday 29th September 2018. At the Royal Regency Hall, London, E12 6TH.
You are all invited!