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YOK7 Drops New Song - "Lion"

By Mohamed Kamara,
Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The long awaited song, The Lion, by one of Sierra Leone's legendary hip-hop artist, YOK 7 has just been released.

The song has garnered thousand of views within hours of its release on YouTube on early morning of January 1st 2021.

YOK 7, who has been in the music industry for decades now, features the veteran rapper from the USA, Styles P.

The concept of the song is focused on him referring to himself as 'Lion of The Jungle' which means he is the king among the hip-hop stars in Sierra Leone.

The beat is that of a hard-core one like those in the 80's and 90's.

The noble squad CEO intentionally brought in Styles P to light up the song with heavy lyrics, making it rhythmically ravishing! Styles P who is signed to D Block did Locked Up with Akon back in the days. That song, a classic one, was known to have hit the modern corridors of our musical entertainment world.

Styles P, in that song, prides himself as a warrior in musical battle field who can do things that others could not do.
As he raps: 'me just dae rise whilst dem dae fall oo''.

He is known by hip-hop fanatics in the country as the rapper who can rap in all kinds of beats as he did justice to this song with his mad but mesmeric flows which soothes souls of viewers. 

Yok's Lion song comes in after he had previously dropped hit songs like Fire Dancer featuring Teni from Nigeria with other song Na Ya We Dae , meaning ( Here is Where We Live!) in which he featured Sierra Leonean admirable rappers, A class and Willie J.

However, there was a time when The Lion decided to step off the rim in the rap game, but he has stepped up this time around to adequately give his fans the best of rap songs ever.

And the Lion song is something just what his fans will take home as their 2021 New Year's gift.