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Vivian Parker Breaks Silence
- "Why I Quit the Canadian Armed Force" 

Today  (June 1, 2020) I am breaking my Silence.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - Fuck them all!


Everyone ask Vivian why did you retired so early from the Canadian Armed Force, I said it is because it was my time, after seeing this on TV over and over it gave me a flash back to what happened to me on THE 20th OF NOVEMBER 2017; Below is a copy of my statement;

To emphasized "I'm not excluding anyone"


I R12 561 762 CPL V.Z PARKER, On MONDAY 20th NOVEMBER 2017, at 16:15pm, I had Finish work for the day, I left my work place at Bldg 0 -155. I proceed to Bldg T-150 (MDF) to lock up for the civilian contractors for the day, after locking up I was going home to see my family in Toronto. I was in combat Uniform which was the dress of the day and my name tag was on my uniform top right breast pocket. On my way driving home, my moto-vehicle, started revering high on a high idle, it sound very irregular. So at this point at about 16:30, it made me really concerned, because I was going to be going on the highway 400/401. For that reason I pulled over on the side of the road of Dieppe Road, by the Canex coming from El Alamein Road inside Canadian Armed Forces Base Borden, to check the sound of my vehicle. When I pulled over, about 50-60ft in front of me there was Military Police SUV parked, the seen looked like the Military Police Officer had pulled a gas / a water truck over, I was kind of happy he was there, because if anything would have happen to my car, he would have helped me by calling a tow truck to tow my car to the nearest garage for checkup “I thought”, meanwhile I was listening, still trying to find out what is happening with my motor-vehicle. When I looked up I saw the Police officer walking towards my direction, He walked up to my vehicle, ask me to put my window down, I thought he was going to give me a hand.

He ask me “Why are you parked behind me, you are making me paranoid”, so I proceed in telling him, “Officer my car is revering high on a high Idle and I am worried” the officer responded again “why are you parked behind me, you are making me paranoid” and I responded “ Officer, my car is revering high on high Idle, I am checking it and I am sorry if I made you very paranoid for pulling behind you sir, I can move if you need me to sir” I ask, is it ok to pull up on the side of the road or behind you sir”, he responded, that it was fine and I was fine where I was, he proceeded by asking me for my Driver’s licences, I ask him why does he want to see my Drivers Licences, and I also ask him if I did anything wrong or what traffic offence I had committed for him to ask me for my Driver’s licence, I also said if you tell me why I will give you my Driver’s Licence, he kept on insisting for it, proceeded by telling me if I don’t give it to him he is going to arrest me and take me to jail. I also ask him if it is because I am black that he is paranoid that I am parked behind him or asking me for my Driver’s License, He immediately open my car door scholar me by grabbing my uniform so tight and was choking me by the neck and telling me to get out of my car in an aggressive and violent tone of voice, I immediately held on to my steering wheel with both hands, meanwhile he is jacking and pulling me and I still held on to my steering wheel, he could not make any head way in getting me out of my car, so he took out his pepper spray and start pepper spraying me. I immediately turned my face to the right so that it does not go into my eyes, which some did got into my eyes and mouth, he also pepper sprayed all inside my car, while I was all sprayed I was all confused, I turn my head back towards his side, together I was doing that he took a knee to my face, and this time I’m all confused because the knee send a shock wave to my brain, which made not know what happening, all I noticed I am being drag out of my car, by this police officer and when I was out another police officer showed up grabbed me, now two of them are swinging me from left to right I am trying to get me stance, they slam me on the ground, The left side of my face was pinned in the mud and he stepped on right side of my face, hand cuff me, pick me up slam me to the other police cruiser, telling me.

I am going to jail, and then another police officer showed up and asked them what I did. The arresting officer respond that I had resisted arrest and the arriving officer said that was not enough to arrest me. Then he said “do you know resisting arrest is also assault you can charge him for assault with an intent that will pass”. They took me into the initial arresting officers SUV, called an ambulance to come take a look at me I refused for anyone to touch me after what I have been through. I was all nervous and worried plus they are claiming to charge me. 

They took me to the MP shack, locked me up in a room and told me I am going down town to get locked up in jail. I ask if I can talk to my supervisor, they refused, I also ask if I can speak with my lawyer they refused that too, and most all I ask if I can talk to my wife and family that was also refused the told me they will give me a lawyer and he will be call so I can talk to him. The lawyer (not military) called and I spoke to him, he told me not to say anything to them, they have nothing on me and they should release me soon, if not they will take me down town where I have to go to court in the Morning of the 21 of November at 10:00am to be bailed because I have no criminal record, at about 20:00pm I was transported to Barrie Police station for the night, everything was stripped from me. 

In the morning I was released for a trial date for the 04 December 2017 at 09:00am. On that day I appeared in court with me lawyer wondering what was going to happen, I was the first and we walked up my lawyer and I, when we were called. The case was presented and the prosecutor requested for the case to be withdrawn. At this point I don’t know how to feel with the way I was treated by another military member fighting for the same cause as me, I THOUGHT I WAS ON THE SAME TEAM, WITH THIS DEMONSTRATION OF ACTION I GUESS I DON’T BELONG.

I thank you in advance for forwarding this complaint to the appropriate authorities as required.

Warm regards,

R12 561 762
1-705-424-1200 Ex 3200

Publisher's note:
CPL Vivian Parker is a Sierra Leonean living in Toronto, Canada. He lived in Winnipeg, MB, and eventually moved to Toronto to serve in the Army. He can be reached at 1.647.822.1369.

His legal representative is Elijah Akpan, and can be reached directly at 1.647.390.8554