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Winnipeg Police Frustrated Over "TrapSpy" App

By Lans Omar,

Winnipeg, Canada.

Some local dude in Winnipeg, Canada, has created an app called “TrapSpy” – this app monitors and reports all police activities in the city. The app tells you in real time where there is a CHECK STOP for impaired drivers and people high on other substances like cannabis, police radar for speeding, unmarked traffic cameras, etc.

Interestingly, if you turn on the notification on the app, while driving it keeps notifying you about PegCity Police activities on your route.

Winnipeg Police has issued a warning over the weekend to the general public, and has asked the developer of the app to put it down, lol.

I fine the app really fascinating; This is how it works – you download the app (TrapSpy), turn on all notifications, and while you go around or simply see any police action like a check stop, radar, all you need to do is just report it and pin-point on the exact location and everyone with that app will be notified.

You don't even need to report any police action as most police activities are notified right away.

All reports are 100% anonymous!

This makes it hard for the police force to track down impaired drivers as most people with the app divert to a different route away from policing.

PegCity Police is getting frustrated over this as the rate of their raids has dropped drastically, and there is no way yet they can crack the app – pretty sad for an entire police force.

Nar learning process.