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Alpha Khan is Still an Apprentice

By Abdul Suhood Komeh,
London, England.

Alpha khan, the cat who was spokesman for the last president, Ernest Koroma, is the new spokesman for the current president, Maada Bio. Sierra Leone in a nutshell, really - no news.

This is as depressing an appointment as there is. Eight million people, and we recycle yesterday’s men to paper today’s mediocrity.

Not only has this announcement underscored the laziness, and fundamental lack in imagination of Maada Bio and the SLPP, but the clearest evidence that those running Sierra Leone are not equipped with basic wisdom and judgement to run a village organisation. Let alone trusted to decide a trajectory for a country in terminal socio-economic decay.

Sierra Leone is not a serious country.

Bio and the SLPP are failing the country at a time when there is enough expertise and talent to deliver reasonable outcomes. But because they lack the will, commitment, sacrifice, courage and above all, the intelligence to be different, they are digging in on inertia. As a result, Sierra Leone is going nowhere but regurgitating failure.

If Bio was fundamentally different to the guy he replaced, Koroma, Alpha Khan would be unsuitable to be his spokesperson. That is on the basis alone of political ideology and belief.

That he chose him, out of eight million people, unambiguously reveals a troublesome fact his hubris cannot contain: that is both a jealousy, and admiration for Ernest Koroma.

It has to be clear now, even to the most mentally impaired, that Bio is obsessed with beating Koroma. Which he absolutely can’t! But for that preoccupation, this is the worst administration at the wrong time for Sierra Leone.

Leadership is not about pomp and circumstance. Leadership is not about scores-settling or pompous but ill-judged appointments. Leadership is about being bold, being fresh, being dignified and, sound capacity. There is nothing denoting those qualities in the country’s current leadership set-up. Zero. Nada.

Oh, and on that replacement of the police chief? Well, no need to bore. It supports the above. It took Bio this long to sack him because Ambrose Sovula was not a foreign body but an executor of the model, the defining character of his government: 1960’s rule - killing, beating and humiliating citizens.