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About the arthor - Abdul Suhood Komeh

Abdul Suhood Komeh (pictured right) is a Sierra Leonean writer based in London, England. Better known as Suhood, he is a former member of the popular Sierra Leone teenage dance crew - The American Tourists (mid 1980 to early 1990). 

As well as being an active fundraiser for the Kissy Psychiatric Home in Freetown, Suhood is an accomplished show producer and one of the brains behind the Community Excellence Awards Show organised by the Afro Arts of Sierra Leone in the UK.

He has gained respect as one of a number of cutting-edge commentators on Sierra Leone current affairs, politics and culture. 

Suhood is also a chef by profession with over 15 years kitchen experience. 

His readers must be warned that his thoughts are way ahead of our current time, and when he puts something into writing, it is not what you’ll normally expect from someone who is non-APC/SLPP.

His views are as radical as they come!