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Valentine Strasser's Left Foot Amputated

By Abdul Hassan Fackie,
Freetown, Sierra Leone.

News being monitored by 40 Acres Canada from the Ghanian capital of Accra indicate that former Military Head of State of Sierra Leone, Retired Captain Valentine Ezegragbo Melvin Strasser (pictured), who had been undergoing treatment in Ghana has had his left leg amputated.

In an interview with the Sierra Leone Minister of Information and Communications, Mr. Mohamed Rahman Swarray, he explained that the medical doctors treating Captain Strasser decided to amputate his foot after they diagnosed him with gangrene in the region of the injured leg. 

The Minister revealed that in June 2019 President Julius Maada Bio decided to send the former junta boss to Ghana to seek medical attention for an injured leg and for related chronic health problems. 

He further disclosed that this was a goodwill gesture of the Government of Sierra Leone towards a former Head of State who had fallen on bad times. 

He also disclosed that Retired Captain Strasser had been well taken care of by the Government of Sierra Leone as all his needs are being adequately catered for. 

He said he cannot tell when the former Head of State will return to Sierra Leone as that will depend on the doctors in Ghana discharging him. 

While a small section of Sierra Leoneans have criticised President Bio for sending Retired Captain Strasser to Ghana and taking care of him on government money, maintaining that he is one of those leaders that are responsible for the bad state that the country finds itself in, a larger percentage say as former Head of State President Bio has the responsibility to treat Captain Strasser with respect and help him out of a bad situation because he fought for the peace, dignity and prosperity of this country.

Former Captain Strasser is reported to have sustained his injury from a gun shot while fighting the war against the rebels sometime in early 1991.