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Slim Savage - The Making of a "Game Changer" in Canada

By Lans Omar

Winnipeg, Canada.

"Game changer" is a term loosely used for an event, person, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner at which people are doing things or thinking about something. This is where Slim Savage fits in directly. At only 20yrs, this Edmonton, Canada, based rapper is poised to take the rap industry to a level never seen before.

Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and moved to Canada when he was only five years. For Slim Savage life wasn't always easy but his hunger for survival is what kept him going. During his stay in Canada, he has learnt from mistakes he had made in the past and is very willing to pass on that experience and lessons to people (especially kids) who are in the same situation he was.

I met Slim Savage in Edmonton, Canada, some two months ago. Quite, peaceful young man that pays a lot of attention to what the other person is always saying.  We talked about his rap career and some of his past, but the one thing that captured me throughout our little conversation is his peace of mind and his passion to grow big. I learnt things from him that few Sierra Leonean acts rarely talks about; "I want to take this music thing off the boundaries of Sierra Leone and move it to the international industry." Savage briefly told me.

The "My haters" upraising star is currently working on his debut mixtape which is due shortly and the video of the song "No Worries" is also in the pipeline and is due at the end of May 2016. 

According to Slim Savage himself: "I believe such talent should never go undocumented."

Slim Savage's promoter is Tiger Smith. In fact, the combination of Slim and Tiger is a reminisce of Suge Knight and Tupac Shakur. Tiger Smith is the founder and CEO of Racks 

On Racks Entertainment, the label Slim Savage is current signed to.Tiger has always had a love for music and wanted to create a label where an artist is free to be who they 

are. From a small town in Sierra Leone to Canada, Tiger has worked hard to make this dream the creativity and unique sense of thinking was just the idea behind starting such a label and Tiger believes he can help.

Tiger Smith has also confirmed that Slim Savage is a real raw talent that is worth the time and investment on. He strongly believes that with the skills and expertise of producer Sammy Jay and Slim Savage's talent, Canada will be hailing a new hip hop king from Sierra Leone very soon.