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Sierra Leone Association of Alberta Gives Dr. Abu Conteh
Another Term as President 2022-2024

By Daniel Oldfield,
Edmonton, Canada.

The Sierra Leone Association of Alberta (SLAA ) has unanimously approved a second term of presidency for the incumbent Dr Abu Conteh (pictured) for two more years 2022-2024.

Elections were scheduled for August 13th, 2022 next Saturday, but this couldn't happen as only the incumbent president was nominated, even after an extension date was offered by the election team.

As such after consultations with her team of election officers, the commissioner Mrs. Diane Hector declared  Dr Abu Conteh as president of SLAA for another two years.

The announcement by the election Commisioner, Mrs Hector, on the association's forum sparked wide spread jubilation, as messages of congratulations poured in from all angles.

Chairman DANIEL OLDFIELD'S CORNER, therefore met the Elections Commissioner, Mrs. Diane Hector, to ascertain how the process went on, leading to her declaration of another term in office of the incumbent Dr. Conteh.

Take a listen folks of how it all unfolded at Mrs Diane Hector's North Edmonton residence.

Stay posted for an interview with Dr Abu Conteh on his second term in office.