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Sierra Leone Association of Alberta: Supporting 

Community Members with Online Learning

The Sierra Leone Association of Alberta: Supporting Community Members with Online Learning


Amongst the 14 Points Platform that Dr. Abu Conteh, President of the Sierra Leone Association of Alberta - SLAA (pictured) campaigned on as he took up leadership of the Sierra Leone Association of Alberta, is to initiate and support Educational Programs for his community members.


At this time of  the COVID-19 Pandemic when social distancing is the norm and schools are running virtually, there is the dire need to support community members with the relevant skills and tools for virtual learning. 

With funding provided by the Federal Government of Canada through the Canadian Red Cross, the Dr. Abu Conteh-led Executive is doing just this for members of the Sierra Leone Community.


Thirty Brand New Laptop Computers have been distributed to households and more are on the way. 

The computers are being used to support the Community's On-line Learning/Mentorship Programme for children - Grades 4 -12, with tuition/facilitation on six core subject areas provided by consultants.

Below are pictures of the items donated to the school children.