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Simeon Ganda Calls out SALNAM Over Brother's Obituary

Dear Community Members,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to inform you all that I lost my elder brother, John Albert Adecule Ganda, of the Bank of Sierra Leone on March 27, 2020. He was laid to rest today after a brief Mass at the Cannaught mortuary. 

For those who heard and called or messaged, I say a big thank you. For the majority who did not know, it was not your fault, I know your thoughts and prayers are with me and the family. 

At a time like this it is customary for SALNAM to send out a general notice however, the current executive do not recognize me, a Southerner, as Sierra Leonean enough to merit a general information to the community. This is a clear manifestation of the divide we are all preaching against in our community. I say this because, even though I did not call the president directly, I know people in the executive knew of my bereavement but chose not to inform the community. This is disheartening and very disappointing, to say the least. This is noted.

I'll end by saying let us the general body please practice oneness and unity. Today it is me complaining, tomorrow, who? "RAIN NOR DAE FORDOM NA WAN MAN DOMOT".

I thank you all and may the God Lord prolong our days and push such from our families at such an uncertain time in Jesus Mighty Name.

I remain,

Simeon Ganda (pictured)
Salone Borbor Tigi

{One Tree Does Not Make A Forest}