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Simeon Ganda Endorses Isha Koroma as SALNAM VP

Fellow Sierra Leoneans in Manitoba,

It is my privilege and honor to fully and unequivocally second the nomination and endorse Mrs. Aisha Koroma for the position of Vice President for SALNAM Executive in the forth coming elections.

As a contender for the position of President in the same upcoming elections, I believe Mrs. Koroma has the charisma, temperament and emotional attachment to our community that we need to move our community forward. On my team will also be people like Mr. Francis Amara as P.R.O

The current executive did the best they could do for which we are all thankful; but we need fresh minds and new innovations to build upon that foundation laid by the  founding fathers of SALNAM.

Next we need the total involvement of our Young Adults and Youths to build a stronger representation in every sphere of the Canadian society helping families mold these children to their greatest potential, harnessing the abundance of opportunities available to them and the community at large.

Please take a moment to read my proposal for my candidacy and do encourage every single adult Sierra Leonean in Manitoba to please pay your subscription and come out and vote for the executive, headed by Me - SIMEON DADDIE JAMES GANDA, that you rightly deserve to serve you and the community at large.

Thank you all and God bless US all.

Your humble servant,

Simeon D. J. Ganda (pictured)