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Sierra Leone - "Oona Go Learn"

By Abdul Suhood Komeh (pictured),
London, UK.

Utter incompetence. Total shambles.

Do we have cabinet meetings in Sierra Leone where strategy is discussed to ensure coherence?
Are ministers really accountable to anyone, or once appointed via party-loyalty reward schemes they can just carry on as they see fit?

Sorry, Sierra Leone is not going down. It’s at rock-bottom, a failure. Period.

Just this August 2017. The Guardian analysed the latest WHO data and reported that ‘the most dangerous country to be a young person (defined as aged between 15 and 29) is Sierra Leone.’  The report went on to reveal that more young people die in Sierra Leone than Syria! Just digest that for a second, if you will.

Typically, to demonstrate our ’government’s’ discomfort and engagement with the situation. After a row that simmered for months, the Ministry of Social Welfare resorted to its tested tradition - a total meltdown on national radio. And that is four months to an election. Talk or taking the biscuit, this is it. But hey, not to worry. A couple of t-shirts here and there, job done!

No interpretations required. All the signs are there, bold. That the country is dying from a want of a new direction. Those who say anything else; who try and deny this gaping fact, with pitifully childish propaganda. Who are otherwise reasonably, or at least have the potential of being intelligent people, are either intrinsically tribalistic, or disingenuous.

Theirs, is a bankrupt enterprise of futile rationalisation of evidenced failure. Akin to an acute case of what psychologists refer to as Cognitive Dissonance: where people are so devoted to something, an idea, they cannot accept evidence, how ever irrefutable, that go against their core beliefs.

I‘m beginning to conclude that if Oona nor learn, Oona pekin dem go learn.