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University of Essex Sierra Leonean Student Publishes Debut Novel

A TALENTED young author has said “it is a great feeling” to have published his very first novel and now hopes others can appreciate his ability to write.

Lawrence Savage, 23, who is originally from Sierra Leone but was raised in Norway, is a final year student at the University of Essex.

Despite studying a law degree, he also has a real passion for writing and has just released his debut book called Love Hates Us All.

The story centres on protagonist Chuck, a poet turned writer who takes the reader on a journey through the ups and downs of his turbulent life.

It addresses everything from heartbreak and loneliness to falling in love and taking pleasure in the freedom of being single, and also his somewhat split personality.

“Most of all we see Chuck’s struggle to love himself, find his faith in God and his continuous battles with overcoming his self-loathing,” said Lawrence.

“Through alcohol, sex, and words we see Chuck at his peak, which is showcased by his confidence and smoothness.

“But we also see the other side of him, Charles, when the lights are turned off and he’s alone with no one to impress.

“This is the Charles that has the war-torn immigrant story, the one that once believed in love.”

Lawrence now hopes his book will connect with readers and ultimately give him the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of his favourite writers and novelists.

He added: “It is a great feeling, because not a lot of writers manage to write a novel at such a young age, so it is an achievement I am thankful for.

“My favourite author is Charles Bukowski, and he wrote his first novel when he was 50-years-old, so for me to do it at 23 is great.

“I feel like I am a good writer and I hope with this novel others can recognise my talent too.”

Love Hates Us All is available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other e-commerce book retailers.

Source/Credit: Daily Gazette/Essex County Standard
By George King