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SALNAM Treats Winnipeg Seniors to a Luncheon

By Lans Omar,

Winnipeg, Canada.

The Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba (SALNAM) had seniors members of the Sierra Leone community in Manitoba to a special lunch treat.

This is the first luncheon treat the seniors of the community have received since this new administration came to power.

The event was dubbed “SENIORS (55+)” and it took place on Saturday March 30th, 2019 at the SALNAM Resource Centre, 251 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, Canada.

The feastful seniors’ lunch started from 1:00pm and ran up to from 5:00pm with soft soothing music in the background.

The motive of the “Seniors (55+) lunch is to foster the fine relationship between the SALNAM executive and our much beloved seniors.

There were lots of food and the seniors were engaged in interactions in a very good company with each others.

Among the seniors that were present were Sheriff Kamara, James Koroma, Elizabeth Joko Johnson, Mr. Alharazim, Haroona Amara, Mohamed Bangura, Sheik Sankoh-Yillah, Abass Kamara, Fatmata Baby Koroma and many others.

In a brief chat with SALNAM’s president, Ali Hassan Nasralla, during the luncheon, he confided with 40 Acres Canada that this event will be periodically occurring during his office term. He thanked the attendees and also asked them to urge other seniors to be participating in the coming events.