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SALNAM Inaugurates Mohamed Moe Koroma as
President of the Sierra Leone Community in Manitoba

By Lans Omar,

Winnipeg, Canada.

The Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba (SALNAM) has officially inaugurated Mohamed Moe Koroma as the legitimate president of the Sierra Leone community in Manitoba, Canada.

The ceremony took place on Friday December 30, 2022 at the SALNAM "Annual Banquet & Inauguration" ceremony inside the NorVilla hotel, 1763 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, MB.

President Mohamed Moe Koroma toppled incumbent president Allie Nasralla in a landslide  “protest vote” with over 80% of the votes casted for President Koroma making him the youngest SALNAM president to ever rule the community.

The election was conducted on Saturday November 5th, 2022 at the Acomi Centre, Winnipeg, Canada.

After the results were called on election day, the two contestants congratulated each other and pledged to work together for the furtherance of the community interest.

In his acceptance speech last night, president Koroma thanked all the people that came out and voted on that day and he's calling on the entire community to come together, put tribal and regional difference and work together.

The executive members were also sworn in at the inauguration ceremony.