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SALNAM Fires Back at Simeon Ganda Over Brother's Obituary

Dear community members,

SALNAM wishes to inform you about a funeral notice relating to Mr. SIMEON GANDA that is in circulation and we as SALNAM executive expressed dissatisfaction over the tribal and scathing remarks from one of our community leaders in that email.

For the records, we want our community to note the following :

Firstly, SALNAM is totally innocent of Mr Ganda's accusation of SALNAM refusing to relay the funeral news of his late brother back home.
SALNAM is also shocked and appalled by Mr. SIMON'S attitude of spewing hate and tribal sentiments in our community.
His accusations are so disingenuous and unfortunate to say the least. SALNAM is very alarmed by his actions.
His comments has the tenacity to bring hate and divide in our community and we as an executive, we are allergic to such accusations.
These are so corrosive and incisive that SALNAM is obliged to respond to his email to the community.

Mr. Ganda's possession of the community email link shouldn't be a passport for him to be spewing hate and diatribes within the community.
This is very troubling to us as an executive.
This trend from Mr. Simeon Ganda is becoming habitual and he must stop.

SALNAM is not a political party where if you lose elections you are expected to serve as an opposition. SALNAM has no opposition.We are all one family irrespective of which part of Sierra Leone you came from.

SALNAM is highly disappointed in Mr. Ganda's attitude. We want Mr. Ganda to know that SALNAM has responded to every community member in need irrespective of tribe, region , sex or creed as he is purporting.

SALNAM views Mr. Ganda's behavior as the most ridiculous and outrageous tactics to smear members of the executive to bring discord amongst ourselves as a community.

SALNAM wishes the community to know a couple of things:

That, Mr. SIMEON GANDA never contacted any member of SALNAM's executive apart from Mr. Ken Abu who unofficially learnt about his brother's death and apologized to his colleagues after Mr. Ganda's terrible email went out to our community.

Mr. Ken Abu apologized to SALNAM for not informing us because he knew about it through his wife and he was very busy so he totally forgot to inform any other executive member.

Secondly, SALNAM has no malice against Mr. Ganda apart from the fact that he lost the past elections. This was over two years & the executive has moved on long since.We see Mr Ganda as a Sierra Leonean and not a SOUTHERNER as he has claimed. We are dismayed that Mr. Ganda is still intoxicated with elections defeat and want to use his brother's death to preach divide even though he appears to be a Christian.

We also want the community to know that Mr. Ganda has declined several projects from SALNAM but the executive never complained to the community because we believe in peace and unity.

Thirdly, SALNAM has a set protocol to put out public notices for the sick and funerals in our community.

SALNAM needs a consent and information before sending out any bereavement notices to our community. This might be outside's Mr. Ganda's purview.

Mr. Ganda never contacted us both officially and unofficially. SALNAM deserves a retraction or an apology from our community brother.

To the best of our knowledge, no member of Mr. Ganda's family contacted us and we are deeply disappointed over such incongruity and inconsiderable behavior especially coming from an intending leader of our community and a man of God.

SALNAM is a community organization and not a political party whereby people who lose elections are expected to serve as opposition leaders/members.

We want a community cohesion and not a divisive message such as this one from *Wi Solon Bobor Tigi Tigi.*

We at SALNAM frown at such attempts by Mr. Ganda to not only blackmail Our executive but also to attempt to divide our community especially his mentioning of him being ignored because according to him *"He is a Southerner"😏😏😏 Really???*

Whilst we sympathize with Mr. Ganda and his entire family home and abroad, we want the community to note that we will not engage Mr Simeon Ganda on a back and forth or a free all fight on this matter.

We want to assure you all of our commitment to serve our community without fear or favor.

Long Live SALNAM

Alikali Turay (pictured)
The only son and Child to his mother and the last of ten children to his father.