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SALNAM Raises $10,000.00 for Cancer Victim - Florence Doherty-Pianim

By Lans Omar 
Winnipeg, Canada.

The Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba Inc. (SALNAM) raised and donated $10,000.00 to cancer victim Florence Doherty-Pianim (pictured left).

The  fundraising event took place on Saturday November 4th, 2017 at the St. Eugene Hall, in Winnipeg, Canada, with Sierra Leoneans and friends from all works of life in support of her.

Florence Doherty-Pinim, is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Arthur Doherty, who are active members of the Sierra Leonean community in Manitoba.

The money raised through gate-takings, donations and pledges was presented by former SALNAM president Mr. Allieu Sesay to the Doherty-Pianim family. Mr. Sasay, during his presentation expressed his deep feelings for Florence Doherty-Pianim and also thanked the community for coming together and raised these funds.

Not to long ago, in her own memoir, Florence Doherty-Pianim wrote: " I woke up one morning and felt pain in my right hip. After x-rays and blood testing I found out I had cancer! Bone cancer in my hip. My world shattered. I had just given birth to my first born son less then a year ago.... and now this? The questions like why me? And what if? went through my head. My husband stayed by my side, staying home from work."

Yes! Bone cancer!

That led to a surgery that had her right leg amputated, and during the procedure surgeons had injured the nerve to her other foot which made the foot paralyzed. 

It's because of this matter that SALNAM gathered the entire community to come together to help fund her with outstanding medical balance and medication and a home that is wheelchair accessible. 

A GoFundMe page has also been opened by Florence Doherty-Pianim to the public to help raise additional funds: