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SALNAM Executive Responds to Anthony Kamara 

Dear community members,

The Executive of SALNAM is shocked and appalled by the castigating, corrosive, baseless accusations and allegations making rounds on social media by one of our seniors in the person of Mr. Anthony Kamara. 

We detest such comments and rumours especially when they are coming from one of our community members without crosschecking with our executive for the facts.

This situation is very unfortunate to say the least. Inasmuch,  we don't want to wage a free all fight but it's incumbent upon us, as an executive; to clear the air.

We are responsible citizens just like Mr. Kamara who pay their taxes and have built a reputation to protect. We take the greatest exception to such accusations.

We are not countenancing any prior release from anyone, but as a responsible administration, we are obliged to clarify any doubt from any community member especially so from a senior.

We are aware of the responsibility accorded us, and we will deliver as we promised. Please don't crucify us for others sins. We are not  going to respond point by point to prevent any fire or fury  between us. Although, Pa Kamara's mission is imbued on a false premise, but we cannot follow his path. 

ln retrospect  therefore, we are officially inviting Pa. Kamara to be present at least this time for the SALNAM General Meeting scheduled for December 7, 2019.

We are ready to allay Mr. Kamara 's fears & allegations of undercover of corruption and opaque administration.

 Mr Kamara's insinuations and innuendos are unprecedented; but we want to urge community members to be present at this upcoming general meeting for clarifications.  These are damning statements we cannot take with a pinch of salt. On the other hand, we don't want to wash our dirty linens publicly for the sake of respect and unity in our community. 

lnspite of the scathing statements from Pa. Anthony Kamara, we want to assure our community members that SALNAM is committed to building and strengthening our community. We will remain focused and committed to the peace that holds us together than petty and individual issues that divide us. We are open to learn from Pa Kamara.

This community is bigger than one person or one  tribe to say the least.

We look forward to seeing everyone. 

I remain 
Your secretary general 
Alikali Modu Turay (pictured)