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SALNAM'S Sierra Leone 60th Independence Anniversary Message

Hello Community Members,

My respectful greetings to all the distinguished Sierra Leoneans in Manitoba, Happy 60th Independence Day to you all!.

We celebrate our country's Independence today for this reason we should be proud citizens!

Sierra Leone as an independent country have come a long way, we have seen and experienced both the good and bad, but as citizens we will continue to focus on the positive side of our Nation. Therefore, on this day we encourage every Sierra Leoneans to put aside their differences and work together as a community for peace, love and unity to continue to dwell amongst us, because that is where our strength lies as a Nation.

The celebrations of Independence Day this year will be rather restrained. The reason is obvious. The whole world confronts a deadly virus which has disrupted all activities and taken a huge toll. It has altered the world we lived in before the pandemic. 

We are thankful to all essential workers in our community for all the sacrifices they do every single day. We are hoping to celebrate once we gain control of this virus, in the meantime we pray for everyone's safety.

We encourage everyone to celebrate with their families and connect with friends virtually within the community. 

Please continue to follow the guidelines set out by the government for your safety.

Once again from SALNAM Executive, we wish you all a Happy 60th Independence Day!

Office of the President
Asst. Secretary General
Hawa Tengbeh