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Sierra Leonean Fashion Designer & Enterpreneur Rita Jalloh on the Rise

Rita Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean fashion designer & enterpreneur  - She  lives in Newfoundland, Canada. She's an African print designer and she's also models and markets her products all across Canada and beyond.

She named her busines ThamaniAfrique and it's focused on providing excellent product with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & always strive hard to  meet customers' expectations. 

With a variety of offerings to choose from, ThamaniAfrique will neo-fashion in African print styles.

Rita has been in fashion since she knew herself as a person, always likes fashion from day one. She began to parade as a teenager, but gave up to focus on other things. Best moment in her career is to have the pleasure to work with new models and stylists, that makes her very happy to know that they are not wasting their talent. 

Rita would like to continue to do what she does because she has noticed that African fashion is not very well appreciated on this side of the world, not only by foreigners but also by some Africans. 

Many people consider only the English clothes as fashion, so Rita bets on herself to promote African Fashion drawing not only clothes but also home decorations and fashion accessories. 

She also customizes shoes, furniture such as dining chairs and bars. 

Her advice to other designers who really want to invest is to never give up even when they are going through hard times because what is good does not come without effort. 

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