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-Sunday December 8, 2018-

By Lans Omar (pictured)

Winnipeg, Canada.

Fellas, the weekend is here! And, you’re reading the Publisher’s Notebook.

There is one thing about my character that I myself don’t really understand – You’ll have to really like the Golden Child or hate him. I don’t have an in-between character where people will say “ok, I don’t care about Lans Omar”. You’ll have to really be on the extreme side if you’re dealing with me. 

This is why I most times ended up being branded so many titles after my name.

Honestly, I don't give a crack if you like me or not. If you care about me as a person, I’ll do the same but if you wanna play the hate game, I’m always ready for that.

Switching gears.....

Fatima "Gucci" Bio. People have been branding me as a "Fatima Gucci hater". I met Gucci in The Gambia in 1999 when I was producing the “Miss Sierra Leone (The Gambia) 1999”. We met briefly for dinner at Jorkor and I requested of her to be one of the judges of the pageant but she had to travel the day of the event and that was it. Claiming I hate the lady is totally off track.

I’m writing off Gucci today and also write off Alpha Saidu Bangura. Done!

Did you guys see the recent video of Kao Denero blasting APC: Saying the party gave him forty million leones (Le. 40,000,000.00), an equivalent of US$4,7000.00 to campaign for them in the past elections! Wow! Denero was just blatantly awful in that video.

And, a day or two later, the dude released another video, calling for forgiveness from APC; Making a strong point that HE IS TEMNE and we are all one people. Dumb!

Denero, as I posted last week on Facebook, was clearly seeking attention and I think he got it. 

Heads up! What’s up with all these APC demonstrations? Are you guys (APC) ok? Really? Leave SLPP alone. For Christ’s sake, it’s been some nine bloody months since this election was called and you guys (APC) are still crying over spilled milk? Get over it!!! Next time, you tell N’Fa Alie Conteh to get new reading glasses and count properly.

Comrades, please stop embarrassing us (APC) with all these dumb demonstrations. PAY ATTENTION. OK?

Talking about N’Fa Ali Conteh, ECOWAS actually put him in a committee to oversee Nigeria’s presidential elections coming up in February 2019. ECOWAS oh, Nigeria oh – dem all super dumb!!! Honestly, I've always thought Nigeria is the greatest Black settlement in the world, but as of today December 8, 2018, that thought is off my head.

Switching gears.......

Growing up in Freetown, Sierra, as a teenager in mid 80s was really a cornucopia of fun, so much laughter and indeed a blessing. Those days, electricity was a privilege, let alone smart phones, big screen TVs and Wifi, but still it was the most memorable decade in that country’s generations.

If you’re a teenager in the 80s in Freetown, put your hands up.

If you’re a Sierra Leonean and didn’t grow up in Freetown during your teenage years in the 80s, I swear something is noticeable missing in your life. The 1980 decade actually birthed the entertainment industry of Sierra Leone! Fellas, do you remember the Senators’ Discorama at City Hall? Remember John Gbla performing his hit song “Omorlanke with the real two-wheeled omorlake transporter on stage? 

Remember when break-dance officially broke out on the streets of Freetown? I sincerely remember Zoo Dancers and Jonathan Bona who inculcated the artform into show business.

Remember Afroditis, Tropicana, Kays and Cool & Cozy?

If you missed out on Junior Siaffa doing a Michael Jackson routine, you’ve indeed missed out. Remember the Great American Tourists – the last of the greatest entertainers from Sierra Leone? 

One last call; Ronko Theatre? InterSec sports? Saroulla Cinema? The Kowa Sisters and Davalgees who pioneered this whole show business thing in Sierra Leone – all these happened in the 80s.

Well, the weekend is here! I'll be hitting the BellMTS Place, PegCity, to watch the WWE wrestling live tonight with my boy Mr. Pliers.

Hey, wait a minute, the Winnipeg CheckPoint for drinking and driving and drugs (weed, etc.) is out! Please, if you're going to be drinking or get "high", avoid the roads.

Fellas, I'm out of here. Happy weekend!


Lans Omar.

(Da Golden Child)

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