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By Lans Omar



By Lans Omar
Winnipeg, Canada.

In my capacity as APC’s Public Relation Office in Canada (Manitoba) Chapter, I want to take this opportunity to talk to all APC supporters at home in Sierra Leone.

I’m on a LANDSLIDE WATCH right now! You heard me clearly – LANDSLIDE win over our opponents in the run off election.

First of all, I’ll like to say “thanks” to all APC supporters on the ground in Sierra Leone for your patience and understanding during the March 7, 2018 election. We all knew what exactly transpired in the polling stations during that day, APC intended a free and fair election but our opponents decided to do elections irregularities with STUFFING. APC clearly does not have this idle time for a run off that has put our party in this funny position. I want to say again, “thanks”, for your patience.

Yes, this is a very funny position we’ve been placed to talk to C4C, C$Z, KKM,KKY, BBT, etc., etc. In realty, we don’t need any back up to win a presidential election in Sierra Leone! Noooooooo! APC supporters alone that made up the largest demography in Sierra Leone’s political population can topple this election and any future election till doomsday. This is not something I’m going to waste my time to explain to you guys - you all know what I’m talking about.

APC supporters have been humiliated with all kinds of names ranging from munku, uneducated, barbaric and tupit, yes tupit! It’s not really funny at all as a Public Relations Officer and role model of my people to see that on a daily basis on social media – it’s really hurtful.

Just the other day, I posted a media of “wanna be first lady” Fatima Gucci and Maada Bio in public transportation going on a date in London, UK., I had the whole world after me for doing that, lol. These are the same people that go on a daily basis calling my own people MUNKU. Really? Wuna go learn.
But watch, a landslide victory is pending on them.

As I pen this missive, I just want to tell all APC supporters back home to bear in mind that this is a very crucial moment and we are not going to relent at all! We are not going to be intimidated by anyone! We are the ruling party and we still have the people’s mandate – WE WON 25 OUT OF 28 SEATS IN FREETOWN! That’s a clear testament that we have the people’s mandate and guess what? You have to win Freetown to win this election! Do I hear a snake rattle?

As APC’s Public Relations Officer in Canada, I have the sworn obligation to let my people back home know that the run off election is fully guarded with armed military and police presence all over the country – IF YOU STUFF YOU PAY THE PRICE! I want to tell all APC supporters to go VOTE TOLONGBO and go home saful, please refrain from all celebrations on the street until we are announced the winner.

Also, there is going to be a MANUAL COUNTING: Pin - 1, Paren - 2, Pesass - 3, Panleh – 4, Tamath -5, up to Tofot - 10..... Etc. etc. until all counting is finished!

I’m here in Pegcity, Canada, sipping on my gin and juice on this beautiful Friday afternoon but all I’m doing is pay attention on this intended landslide in tomorrow’s election.

And, finally on a more serious note, to all my friends on Facebook, I’ll like you to be as civil as I am. No personal attack on each other, attack the issue. You’re warned!

Again, this is a very crucial moment – IF YOU ARE NOT WITH US, YOU ARE AGAINST US!

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