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-Saturday October 20, 2018-

By Lans Omar (pictured)

Winnipeg, Canada.

SALNAM presidential election is over! 40 Acres “People’s Poll” never lies; We actually projected a win for DJ Alie Nasralla’s entire team and it happened. Now, let’s move forward, ok? Ok? We are one people – one community.

The inauguration of President-elect Ali Hassan Nasralla is coming up in two weeks from now. Free cover charge, free food and cash bar – we all dae go dance ya.

China Nicky wins Big Sister Salone 2018 with a prize of Le. 10,000,000.00 (US$1,192.00), a car and visa to UK. That's pretty nice. Poor girl with little or no education but super charming, playful, annoying and sweet. This contest was almost politicalized into some APC/SLPP thing. Pretty sad.

Marijuana (weed) is officially legal in Canada as of Wednesday October 17, 2018! Wow! That means if you’re 19yrs and above, all you need to do is go to a weed store and, get some weed and, get high all day. Do I hear a rat squeak?

Lately, I’ve secretly been grieving about my cousin (real cousin), the late Abdul Aziz Bangura aka “Ziggy”. The poor guy met his untimely death on November 24 of last year just days after he celebrated his 32nd birthday. For some of us that had the opportunity to chill, dine and hustle with Ziggy, it's a totally different story from people who never actually met him in real life. The kid was fun, cheerful, playful and sometimes very silly. May Allah forgive his sins and grant him Jannah. Ameen!

I have a question about Fatima Gucci, lol. Yes, Fatima Bio! Somebody please tell her to hit me up at +, I'm dead serious.

What's the gist for the weekend. OMG! No event in PegCity's calendar today - weird. It's the first Saturday in the year that records no activity/party in our community. Wuna don crase! 

How is Alpha Saidu Bangura doing? Lol. Just can't leave that guy alone, No!!

Hey fellas, you should read Abdul Suhood Komeh's "MURDEROUS SAUDI ARABIA and Western Hypocrisy", the kid is off the trail again. This missive is raw and pin-points to a sick Saudi Arabia that portrays Islam so bad.

How far now? Boring, boring weekend. I'm just gonna chill at the backayard, invite my homies, have some drinks and BBQ outside. You heard me clearly - BBQ!

Anyways, you guys have a great weekend! Remember, if you're are driving, please don't drink - and if you're drinking, don't drive! Lonta.

I’m out of here.


Lans Omar.

(Da Golden Child)

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