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Face to Face with Prince Thorpe - Freetown's Next Mayor from Edmonton

Prince Thorpe (pictured left) from Edmonton, Canada, is aspiring for the next Mayoral election in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He is open to answer questions from anyone regading is intentions of contesting for that office.

These are some of the questions people have asked him in other forums.

1. Mr. Thorpe what made you decide to run for Mayor? 

Answer: For years I have traveled and every time I come home, I watch Freetown deteriorate. Our city needs to generate new wealth in order for it to grow. Competition is higher , but there isn't more business. I always ask everyone " how is business? " No one has said it's fabulous. The problem is much deeper than people give it credit for. We're missing procedures with productivity. I want to be part of the solution that's why I'm running for Mayor of Freetown City Council.

2. Was this a difficult decision to make ? 

Answer: Yes. I love what I do for work. To me , it's no work at all. I thought long and hard and just couldn't watch what is happening to Freetown anymore. Freetowntonians are really hurting and this is why I'm giving up my career so I can commit full time to make Freetown Better

3. What's are the sacrifices you are making to run for Mayor ? 

Answer: There is no sacrifice. Sacrifice means you are giving up something against your will. Running for Mayor and if successful, serving Freetowntonians as Mayor is a privilege. Folks are hand delivering me their trust. I consider that an honour and a privilege.

4. Why are you the right candidate to become Freetown next Mayor? 

Answer: I bring real business prospective. I work on multi million dollar project and face real life & death decision making. I am responsible for real money.

Cheers © Prince Harold Thorpe