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40 Acres

Established 2006

343 Hargrave Street

Winnipeg, MB. Canada.

Privacy policy: 

When you shop on this website, a third party payment processor called Paypal collects your personal information. 

PayPal is a global e-commerce business entity that process payments and allows money transfers to be made through the Internet. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to paying with traditional paper methods, such as checks and money orders within minutes. 40 Acres does not see or have access to your information during your interaction on our website.

Paypal then uses that information to process your purchase and have your goods sent to you timely.

Shipping/delivering of merchandise: 

Merchandise are shipped directly from Winnipeg, Canada, through UPS ground Shipping or Canada post depending on your method of shipping.

After payment is received, it will go through a same day processing period. As soon as your order has been processed, and it should be shipped within 48 hours after payment is received, you should expect your order within the next 2 - 5 business days depending on your location.

If you are shopping from Winnipeg, we'll deliver your merchandise on the same day right to your doorsteps. 

All buyers are charged shipping fees and this is applied to your total cost. There is no delivery or shipping charges for buyers in Winnipeg, Canada. 

Return policy:


We accept returns for up to 5 days after receipt of your purchase. 

All merchandise are in brand new condition and must be returned in that condition if you are returning item/s purchased from us.

Return items must be returned back in their original packaging, with store tags attached.  Sorry, but we cannot take back personal items such as underwear, make-up and body jewelries & accessories.

We will not be able to accept returns on swimwear purchases if the tags or hygienic strips have been removed.

When returning footwear, shoes must be placed inside of the manufacturer's shoebox with all tags on it.  Do not write on the manufacturer's shoebox, tape it closed, or reuse it.  Footwear returns will not be accepted unless both the shoes and shoebox are undamaged.

Fragrances may  only be returned if they are still sealed in their original packaging.

Once we receive your returned item, your refund will be issued according to the payment method (cash, debit card, visa, master card, cheque, Paypal, electronic money transfer, etc) you selected for the original order.

Buyers outside of Winnipeg, Canada, who cancel requested shipments after it has been shipped will incur a minimum 15% restocking fee or actual cost of shipping.


We suggest that you notify us immediately or bring your merchandise back to us for exchange with original receipt within 5 days of purchase with the item/s in their original packaging.

We respectfully reserve the right to communicate and correct pricing and/or descriptions incorrectly posted on our site. Although this rarely happens, we appreciate your understanding if it does occur in the event of pricing and description error on our side.


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