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Paolo Conteh Heads Corona Virus Team in Sierra Leone

By Abdul Suhood Komeh

London, UK.

Paolo Conteh (pictured), a recent witness at the commissions of inquiry on corruption, that ace-scientist and APC geezer that certainly DID NOT saved Sierra Leone from Ebola, is being rehabilitated, drafted in to strategise for the Corona Virus. That, my friends, should tell you all you need to know about Sierra Leone.

What a cop-out by the SLPP. 

This is nothing but an absolution in advance by Maada Bio. What theatre. Why not just invite Paolo‘s boss, Ernest Koroma and get the full mythical blueprint?

That folks are falling for such a lazy play of politricking, is the least surprising to Rastas. A New Direction? Pulease. They don’t even have a paper map, let alone a Satnav.

The reality is this. The symbolism of trying is ok, and welcome. But if we are totally honest with ourselves, we should know that Sierra Leone is not, and is in no position - politically, economically or institutionally - to be ready for the Corona Virus. Or for that matter any natural emergencies. Period.

All we can do is wish our people good luck. 

You cannot maintain any reasonable standards of hygiene in a society that lacks the political-will to provide even the most basic of utilities for its people - water