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Palava Hut Website Officially Launched

The community is hereby informed that, WE YONE PALAVER HUT PROJECT website has been launched and  up for the public.

Palaver Hut is an organization that provides cross cultural  based community restorative resolution services – an alternative dispute resolution to newcomers community members and other communities, who wish to collectively resolve dispute as a family and community  through mediation and peacemaking without recourse to the court. 

You can know more about palaver hut by visiting their website,

Complaints for mediation are now filled out on line by completing an online form. Other options are also provided. We would also like to know the feedback of our community and the public about how we can improve on our website and  the services that we provide.

You could  send your comments at   or

The organization was founded by  Mr Victor  A. M  Kaicombey (pictured).

Mr Kaicombey  is currently  practicing  an independent  consulting  career in cross-cultural  mediation  services, peacemaking, human rights and justice services with a focus on restorative Justice.  Mr. Kaicombey  sits on several boards  that promote restorative justice in Manitoba and Canada. He has a passion for peace and conflict resolution,  peacemaking and human rights  as a result of  his direct experience with war conflict and survivor  of Sierra Leone war.

As a newcomer in a country with  diversity,  Mr Kaicombey expressed  concern  for  the high rate of  incarcerations in the traditional criminal justice system  in  his province, Manitoba, and by extension the country, Canada .  As  a member of the provincial  restorative justice association,  Restorative Justice Association of Manitoba Inc- RJAM ,  Victor expressed  a need  for an alternative dispute resolution that could help reduce and prevent high incarceration as opposed to  rehabilitation  that is more transformative  for change.

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Happy weekend to you all.