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SLPP - The New Set of Munkus

By Abdul Suhood Komeh,
London, UK.

And it begins. Just like the last batch, a new set of Munkus are in charge at the asylum. 

Maada Bio (pictured) and his boys are in charge.

Thanks to technology, we will always find them out. They just can’t help themselves - unsupervised children in an ice-cream parlour.

When people that find it necessary to photograph their meals and a toilet, are part of a diplomatic delegation, it’s déjà vu. For example, the essence of being close to power is to enjoy Mateus.

I mean if a toilet, not art or the landscape, represents a memento of a diplomatic mission to a country thousands of miles away, then bugger me, our troubles are just beginning.

Can you imagine the glee on the faces and minds of the Qataris charged with negotiating with a team going bananas at a meal’s setup?

I don’t give a monkey’s if it’s junior members, or no members of ‘government’ at all. If they’re there courtesy of the public purse as part of a government delegation they must behave respectfully, as representatives of the country. If they want to show off, maybe to get even with their rivals, they can always pay for their own holidays. Period. 

That said, I’m amazed, always, at some compatriots. Enthusiastically, they share photos of our leaders in foreign oppulence not to inform but to foolishly convey a quality of suitability to power. All, while every building of historic importance crumbles in Sierra Leone. Just look at the office of President, State House. It’s like a scene from Michael Jackson’s Thriller. But forget that, red carpets at Qatar Airport would do. The naivety. The rawness. From bunch to bunch. Like it, him or not. Bio has a chance here, to prove he’s serious.

One day, Oona go learn.