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Nandi Guma Passes Away After Battle with Breast Cancer 

By Nicole Molin,

Winnipeg, Canada.

 It is with heartfelt condolences that I announce the passing of our dear friend Nandi Guma (pictured) in Winnipeg, Canada, on October 16th at just past 6:00 pm. She was surrounded by her family including her mother and both children and close friends.

Nandi never stopped fighting. On Saturday, I had the blessing to be at her bedside, holding her hand, singing songs of healing and saying prayers all day. I never could have imagined that day, that her passing would be so sudden, as she continued to speak with such conviction hope and expectation of a full recovery.

Until recently, Nandi, a single mom of two children was working at completing her studies in Education. 

On April 3,  2018, she noticed a lump in her breast. Upon seeing her doctor, she was referred for a mammogram, PET scan and biopsy. Sent to her oncologist at Cancercare  Manitoba, she was ready to do whatever treatment was needed to stay alive. Unfortunately, the oncologist had nothing to offer, saying that she already had stage IV breast cancer and that it had spread to her lungs and bones. Radiation, surgery and chemotheraphy were no longer viable options.  Other than being offered pain treatment, she was told that in all likelihood, her condtion was fatal and that she should put her affairs in order.  As a mom of two young children, Nandi was in absolute shock, but determined to find other answers.

Nandi lived her life in fullness with joy, love and determination. She gave her all in health and sickness. She had a strong spirit and never gave up.
The money contributed to her fund, went to many kinds of treatments, which gave her a little extra time to be here, live with her family and friends and stay strong till the end. We thank you for all your support and prayers. Any remaining funds will be put towards the cost of her funeral and care of her children, now aged 9 and 12. If anyone wants to send a prayer, or to contribute to funeral costs, this Go Fund will stay open until Monday, October 21st, at which time a funeral and celebration of her life will take place.

Family and friends from the many communities Nandi was part of are welcome to join in a service celebrating Nandi's life on October 21st at 10 am, at the Thomson In the Park Funeral Home and Cemetery at 1291 McGillivray. The service will be followed by the internment and reception at the same location.