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Mykel Charlie Hinga "Dr. Kitch" Passes Away in Freetown

By Lans Omar,

Winnipeg, Canada.

One of Sierra Leone entertainment gurus and former SLBS broadcaster, Mykel Charlie Hinga (pictured), has passed away in Freetown, Sierra Leone, on Tuesday April 27, 2021. 

Popularly known as Dr. Kitch for his outstanding role as Dr. Kitch in the 80s blockbuster melodrama, Hinga was sick for a long time until the early hours of April 27, 2021 when he answered to the call of the Lord. 

It will be recalled that Hinga was not only a pioneer in the entertainment industry of Sierra Leone, but had also championed many acts on the entertainment stages of Sierra Leone and beyond.

Hinga was the manager of the Mini Expertise dancing group in the 80s. He mainly performed Pan-African consciousness acts on freedom and equality with cultural drama groups in Sierra Leone. He got his stage name as tribute to his melodramatic interpretation of the erotic song, Dr Kitch. 

Hinga was an excellent MC who produced a lot of shows around Freetown and has won several awards both as MC and a performer.

He single-handedly created a new meaning for jingle ads in Sierra Leone.

In 1995, Hinga was one of the MCs that spearheaded the course of bringing the national DJs competition in the eastern of Freetown at the Kadgibs Plaza; An event that assembled ten of the best DJs in the country for the first time at Freetown East III.


Condolences and reactions from all over the world poured out this week from friends and family; Hinga's cousin, David Vandi, broke the news on social media and he wrote on his Facebook page: "Feeling so sad for the passing of my dear cousin Mykel Charlie Hinga (Doctor Kitch). Rest in peace bro".

Another Sierra Leone music pioneer John Gbla of  "John Gbla Riding Omolanke" fame inboxed me saying: "Dr. Kitch don die oh - big loss".

Sierra Leone music producer, Mohamed Teteh Kargbo warmly wrote: "One of the few UNSUNG Heroes of Salone entertainment and broadcasting that I never had the chance to say "thank you" to passed away today...... rest in peace pop icon Charlie Hinga".

On several social medias, Hinga's death was the heat topic.

A life well spent to serve Almighty God and humanity.
Funeral Service: Friday, 7th May, 2021.
Church: Sacred Earth Cathedral, Siaka Steven Street by Howe Street, Freetown.
Laying out: Gate Way School, Fort Street and SLPP Party Office, Freetown.
Cemetery, Assension Town, Freetown.
Bereaved Home: 18 Nimbana Street, Freetown.

"Only the heart that loves knows the sorrow of parting".

Rest In Perpetual Peace (RIPP) Mentor Challie Hinga. 
Till we meet again on that fateful and beautiful shores in Heaven.