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Munku Bos Pan Matchis - Part II

By Abdul Suhood Komeh,
London, UK.

Ernest Koroma is an unhappy man. He’s discovered institutional integrity. Only after his time at the top.

When he withdrew Sam Sumana’s security detail, his fans argued it was within his right because he is, sorry, was the ‘Supreme Leader’.

How ’Supreme’? Now that the new ’God’ is replacing his security, he’s copying the OAU on his grievances. Didn’t the ECOWAS court found him guilty of dismissing Sumana unlawfully and fined him $200million? He’s not even settled that, and now he’s complaining.

What a breakdancer. What a performer. He knows all too well, that it is Bio humiliating him. Yet he is writing to the Inspector General of police without mentioning his name. Because he is totally convinced, the Inspector General is beneath him.

Well, why not show the same disregard for structure like during his tenure at the Bank of Salone and write his equal, the equally dictatorial Bio?
Absolute jokers. Same people. Always riding roughshod over even the most basic principles of decency.

What can Bio really hope to achieve by withdrawing a former president’s security without the courtesy of forewarning him?
Answer: to let him know he is in charge. As if that was ever in doubt.

Somebody please get Emerson to do a remix: Munku Bos Pan Machis - Ee Jos Dae Cratch (Part two)!