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Moses Shyllon's Surprised Birthday Party was da Bomb

By Malik Jones

Winnipeg, Canada

Moses Shyllon walked right in! The lights in the restaurant were all out! The guests were chanting the "happy birthday" song.

He was escorted by two of his kids (Bettina & Josh), and he had no clue what was happening.

Suddenly, all the lights were turned on, and he was greeted by  the guests who continued to sing the birthday song. Shyllon saw all the people, the food, the drinks and the birthday cake with his name embedded on it.

He ran to the back of the restaurant and surprisingly started crying; Sobbing on little Bettina's lap - it was a very touching night scene seeing Shyllon crying last night. 

It's called tears of joy.

That was Moses Shyllon's surprised party organised by her daughter, Bettina Shyllon, on Friday October 28, 2016 at Abigail's Atiga Restaurant in Winnipeg, Canada.

Hosted by 40 Acres' Lans Omar, and also one of the brains behind the party, it was a well attended party mostly by Shyllon's closest pals.

Bettina gave a touching spirited welcome and farewell speech that left some of the guests spellbound.

"My dad is my dad, and I'll always gonna be there for him regardless of anything - I love you daddy."

And the tears started coming again from Shyllon who was comforted by Josh and other guests. 

The cake was cut; Shyllon gave a "thank you" note and thereafter the real fun started. 

Enjoy the slide show of pictures below: