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Med Rock Finally Laid to Rest in The Gambia

By Lans Omar,

Winnipeg, Canada.

Former Pace Derectors leading artist Mohamed Tejan Daramy aka Med Rock was finally to rest today Saturday February 16, 2019 at the New Jeswang Cemetery in Serekunda, The Gambia.

He was found dead in the early hours of Thursday February 14, 2019 at his residence in The Gambia. Sources have confirmed with 40 Acres Canada that Med Rock wasn't sick and he was doing pretty good in terms of his health.

A cross section of the Sierra Leone community in The Gambia was present at his residence just before the body was taken for burial. Members of Serekunda Muslim Jamaat were also present at the New Jeswang Cemetery for final prayers and internment.

Med Rock (pictured) was one of Sierra Leone's performing artists in the entertainment industry of that country. He started performing as a teenager with Rocky Brothers, where he tagged the "Med Rock" nickname. Med Rock and other members later formed Pace Derectors until his departure to The Gambia.

Med Rock has been living in The Gambia over the years with his British wife Anne.

40 Acres Canada briefly spoke to med Rock's wife, Anne, right after the funeral today. She was calm and she said: "My husband is in heaven right now and I'm definitely sure about that." She concluded that Med Rock was a perfect gentle and good husband.

Med Rock, for some of us that had the opportunity to be around him, will be remembered as a cheerful man, ready to help his friends and relatives at any time. I remember always playing scrabble with him and he was always on top of the game.

Rest in peace Med Rock.