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Stop the Hate - Start Loving

By Mohamed Kanu,

Calgary, Canada.

My fellow Africans my heart is heavy onces again.I am loosing my breath as I carry this basket of another stinky news about Africa and about Africans. Please forgive me if I look desperate like a man desperate enough to use the washroom.

However, I am compelled as an African to act immediately on such an Important issue as I make this attempt here to address this situation with the urgency and attention it demands, not only of our continent but also of our peoples barbaric behaviors.

So please lend me your ears and pass me some cold water to quench my thirst as sit beside you to discuss yet another troubling news last several days emerging from Africa regarding forks of the same color.

My brain is tired and extremely exhausted feeding from one bad news to another terrible news about Africa.

Thanks to social media for making it a global sensation. Luckily for me I did not faint, my eyes popped out, tears streamed down my chicks as I see the horrific images of attacks perpetrated from one black hand to the next black skin. And from one black own businesses to the next, all happened in broad day light in south Africa, a behaviour some described as xenophobic which in my world I refused to accept. Infact it doesn't matter how fancy the lexicon describes it, personally my definition is simply a blantant hate fuelled by some uncontrol jealousy by some few disgruntled black lazy ass south Africans against fellow successful blacks of Nigerian descent.

We saw black south Africans busy burning Nigerian own businesses, lotting and killing of innocent black brothers who are working very hard just to make ends meet. The same is true in series of retaliatory responds coming from Nigeria. These barbaric acts eventhough not limited to these two sister countries, the same is seen in every cornerof our African countries. 

Honestly, it's an embarrassment and a big shame to every civilized African most are full of pride and educated enough to distinguish from good to bad or varsi versa. But the few huloms or better known as the few rotten rish have consistently become a disgrace to this precious black skin of ours.Years back we saw the same pardon of brutality in the era of genocide in Ruwada where one ethnic group almost wiped out another. The same despicable act was also true in the people's democratic republic of Congo, sudan, Liberia and Sierra Leone my home country just to name but few.

All of these and many more horrific acts puzzled me to ask a simple question why us? Why is Jane in Africa bewitching vivian in Maryland? And why is one black thug putting the bullet on another in the suburbs of Chicago? Why is president Africa refusing to copy from president America? Why must we think our strength and ability is only limited to viciousness, mockery and loathing?

We are way too angry at each other many times for just a stupid condescensions. Instead of us using all these negativities into a more productive outcomes, sadly we employ full time tearing each others skin and slashing throats. Look at the fire we see in our everyday relationships, the intense gossips in our communities, and even the betrayal we see within our ranks is definitely beyond skin slashing. 

Historically, the continent of Africa has gone through way too much already and it people continue to suffer a great deal of inequality and Injustice from it colonial masters. We gave more and take less. Slavery would have been our wakeup call and apathy a lesson to learn from. Its troubling to me that we have not learnt from history as we see even today brothers of the same continent shoving, pulling, tugging and killing each other in broad day light.

What a fuck I think something is definitely wrong with some of us. Weither this has to do with the thought process of some in our midst, an urgent need for a civil discourse or whatever we might need is something I cannot tell you, unfortunately I am not a behavioral specialist nor am I a soothsayer. I am though not a bastard but a true born of Africa with a jenuine hope to see us all thrive peacefully together, love and support each other in harmony and to live in an Africa free of toxicities and hostilities.

I hope we realize how beautiful we are and to always remember that our beautiful heart and mindset are not designed to prey on each others flesh, happiness, peace and prosperity.

So let's us wake up to a new page, United as one big family and show the world together yes we can. Love you all. Mardiranu( gnite ) in temmne Sierra Leone.