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Policing in the United States - Relationship Gone Bad

By Med Kanu (pictured),
Calgary, Canada.

Good day, far away from home from the west coast of Canada my name is Mohamed Kanu. 

Thank you for spending your precious time with me as we dive together yet into another very pressing issue at hand captioned above. For those of you following several of my postings quickly you will realize I only write about issues of great significance, whether it's a matter of direct concern to me or an issue affecting our co-existence as people or ordinarily just a subject affecting society as a whole.

This piece is of no exception, in fact very important enough to notice as we see it everyday streaming in every corner of our social media platforms and capturing the many interest of ordinary people like me to stimulate a conversation at least here. I am passionate to always bring into your life a positive message of enlightenment rather than to hit you with a caterpillar of explosive lies a recipe for disaster.

Yes even though I am a proud Canadian citizen, I am equally a citizen of this world free to exercise the right to free speech in a personal capacity see fit in a non bias manner to meaningfully contribute. Generally, the issue of policing in the United States in my observatory opinion I can describe is sadly a relationship gone bad between two sets of good people. The police on one hand VS my fellow blacks on the other hand based on an ideology of trust. But why? Come with me.

When trust which is the foundation of any thriving relationship is broken, then obviously we begin to see cracks, things falling apart then the cookie start to crumble. We begin to see resentment, disrespect and a complete disregard/ disarray.

To clarify, I am not a historian to lecture you about the history surrounding racism in America, the injustices and inequalities. Definitely not the focus of my writing today. To become a police officer is the bravest decision any human can make. Signing off your life to preserve the lives and properties of others is definitely an undisputable fact of a courageous action. These are good people many of whom uphold their jobs to the highest professional manner possible. Unfortunately at times just like any other carrier bad applies between the ranks stigmatized the good majority. Equally so, not every black man that drives a Tesla is a criminal all of a sudden. 

Looks or the skin of a color must not be a condition of fare treatment under any circumstances. In fact it should be the complete opposite. Believe me most blacks are very responsible people too, good people, highly educated and with decent jobs. Look at president Barack Obama a shinning example.

Frankly speaking, both parties genuinely needs each other to survive. The police needs a community to serve equally so the community needs the police for protection. To achieve this goal begins with a neutral approach far away from stereotype and stigmatization. When you approach someone with respect you most likely get respect back in return. Mutual respect start with mutual understanding through a collaborative effort. Dialog and community sensitization programs. It helps if both sides see each other as friends rather than a target. Knowing your limit, refraining from false assumption, unfounded allegations are all good de-escalating techniques. And at times just a smile is all you need instead of a finger on your holdster. 

Getting involve in some community programs, a friendly hand shake, a gentle touch, a speech at a neighbourhood high school, gracing occasion if possible, building trustful relationship with places of worship and getting to know ranks in the community are all good ideas to foster good community relationship building. 

Learning about the police, their role and expectations, helping them do their job in a very respectful manner and appreciating their sacrifices makes all the difference. I am sure you are all valuable citizens to your families and communities to whom you are way more than a treasure of gold. Our thoughts and prayers is never enough for your beloved families. So please Don't swit it and never allow yourself a victim of premature death or unnecessary jail time. It's not worth it and a complete waste of time. The only resolve is peace, calm, total submission to the rule of law and equal justice for all. All I am saying is if you wanna have a joyful plane ride home it best you just comply with the rules at your neighborhood airport. This way both the crews and passengers arrives safely at the same destination. Have a wonderful day