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Mayor Phillip Kramer - A Visionary Leader

By Abdul Karim Koroma (Ajami)
New Jersey, USA

Mayor Phillip Kramer is a Mayor with a difference in the United States of America, especially the manner in which he has handled the Coronavirus in Franklin Township, Somerset County.

After the two World Wars, 2020 was a brutal and deadly year across the world especially in the US where  Coronavirus claimed the lives of thousands of people. History will always remember Mayor Kramer for the lives he has saved in Franklin Township during the COVID-19.

Mayor Kramer sprang into action even before Franklin recorded its first case of the virus. If not for the pro-activeness of the Mayor, Franklin Township would have registered the worst death toll during this pandemic.

He was able to accomplish his dream through the dedicated efforts of Honourable Dauda Jawara Mansaray. Without Honourable Dauda Mansaray, it would have been difficult for him to achieve his success story and interfacing with the African Community and Friends of Africa would have been a challenge.

One of the reasons why the Mayor's messages were always resonating well and appreciated is because of the respect Honourable Dauda Mansaray, as an emissary, commands within the Community. His tongue is a trusted voice in Franklin Town as this makes it extremely easy for the Mayor's messages to be received as gospel truths.

The Mayor has a team of professional, dedicated and dynamic staffers at the Council who always support him to ensure that his goals are achieved. The support he receives from the Council has helped him tremendously during this health and humanitarian crisis as his legacy has been described as a lasting example.

More importantly, what makes him very unique from all the Mayors in the United States is how he manages COVID-19 and the exemplary leadership he has displayed. With the Mayor’s vision and classic style of leadership, a lot of progress has been made as small businesses are in their recovery stages, schools have some how reopened and life is moving to normalcy. Added to that, he has rolled out an ambitious programme making sure that everyone has equal access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a bid to complement the Mayor’s vaccination drive, Honourable Dauda Mansaray is in close touch with the African  Community and Friends of Africa; providing handy information to them on how to make a schedule appointment to be vaccinated.