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Afro Arts Productions
Tribute: Madani Deen-Gabisi

Afro Arts Productions
Tribute: Madani Deen-Gabisi
London, UK.
May 2, 2023

Like most in diaspora hubs across the United Kingdom and beyond, we mourn the passing of the socialite and London-community icon, Madani Deen-Gabisi, who passed away on Sunday, 30 April 2023.

Not only had he been a life-long friend, Madani was a great support in all we do in the community.

From his teens to adulthood, throughout a painfully short life, few, if any, graced more occasions. 

Well-travelled and wherever a significant concentration of Sierra Leoneans, Madani had forged a presence. His was a life lived in elegance, grace, and importantly, amongst people.

A genuine star. Madani is the epitome of kindness and belonging. 

That news of his departure continues to shock is because he impacted so many.