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LiMM Continues his Meteoric Rise With "Tippy Top"

On his latest single, the Sierra Leone born artist fuses hip-hop with a electric Afro-pop influences to astounding effect.

Born in Sierra Leone, raised in Canada, and currently based in Philadelphia, LiMM has experienced more in his 23 years than many artists do in their entire lifetime. On his newest single ‘Tippy Top,’ he displays the natural charisma and fearless storytelling that have put him on the brink of stardom.

‘I cannot relate to someone who has it all,’ LiMM sings in ‘Tippy Top’s’ memorable opening line. From there, he outlines his path to dominance, packing his verses with muscular lyricism before turning to an evocative croon to deliver his hooks.

When he sings about having ‘found his calling’ through music, it is impossible to doubt he is telling the truth. ‘Tippy Top’ is a deeply felt, meaningful examination of one artist’s quest to make a meaningful impact on the world. It is a lofty goal, but LiMM has the talent and ambition to meet and exceed all of his goals.

‘Tippy Top’ is available everywhere now

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