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Lawyer Kalokoh in Pole Position

By Abdul Suhood Komeh,

London, UK.

Lawyer Abu Bakarr Kalokoh (of Ahmadiyya school!) is positioning himself a new political superstar. Unlike the irredeemably stunted-puppets, echo transporters of sycophancy and propaganda, he realised the continuous foolishness of the APC in subservience to the arrested Ernest Koroma myth of ‘greatness’. So he’s taking it on with patriotic riguor, independence of thought, deserving of a progressive ambition for Sierra Leone.

What a shame. I mean the real shame is, he could have been this forthright, this smart, a lot sooner. Rather than the poorly-decided tethering of his undoubted capacity to the hopeless pragmatism of licking Koroma’s boot in 2017/18 to win the nomination for presidential candidate. He wasn’t chosen, obviously.

But again progress is dynamic, as they say. Change is an outcome of learning. To change is strength. Courage. So credit to lawyer Abu Bakarr Kalokoh for consistently submitting an unbiased opinion at this time of profound importance as evidence of evolution of strategy, of thought even; credit due him for demonstrating integrity; for showing us that with the right people, a commonsense and ethical APC that serves Sierra Leone is possible.

That most vocal people who share party allegiance with Kalokoh continue to disappoint the county with the mental impotence of defending the indefensible, is not just the measure of the arduous work he and others like him are up against, but makes the post-Koroma Kalokoh a most welcome deviation. Thanks to a chronic deficit in political honesty, Kalokoh is one of few rising stars showing a determination to go against established orthodoxies that disserve Sierra Leone. That, on its own is a glimmer of optimism.

Good luck to him for the future, sincerely. Early days, but he could be part of the breed the country needs to confront the 21st century. People like him should be encouraged to speak-up, as often as possible, in a very thoughtful manner that benefits political discourse. Where the opposition lacks moral credibility and clarity, holding a government to account, and counter-balancing power becomes impossible - the result: dictatorships, instead of democracy.

Voting is just one of many aspects that makes democracy whole. To scrape the barrel, to aggressively seek to avoid accountability, voted for or not, is counter-democratic. To support such an act, nakedly or clothed, is as complicit as the perpetrators of corruption themselves; it’s normalising malfeasance. At a time when most are equating support for criminality as devotion to the APC, Kalokoh is a contrarian, a purveyor of truth because he realised his mistakes. He‘s chosen, wisely, to serve Sierra Leone, not some politician(s), fossilised in infamy, whose time has passed.

Importantly, for his current stance in calling out his party’s crimes of crippling Sierra Leone, lawyer Kalokoh is accruing himself vast political capital in terms of support and respect, useful for the inevitable tomorrow. For example, when occasions arise, as they will, to criticise the current government, he will be free from accusations of hyperpoliticising, hypocrisy or bias. With his sharp mind and eloquence shown so far, that capital, utilised at the fitting time, would be worth its weight, and is equally worth waiting for.

Learn, young politicians (and some of you not-so-young), learn.
In politics, credibility is priceless.

Never mind the thousands of paid and unpaid spokespeople (some hoping to cash-in in the future) at home and abroad, writing and vocalising thoughtless apologias for corruption. Blyden, Yasaneh and all at propaganda office, we look forward to hearing your defence at the formal settings of the inquiries. We are sure, you are not foolish enough to not answer the call of reckoning. No more letters of hapless defiance, opinions passed as news articles!