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LAPO Leads in Loans and Banking in Sierra Leone

By Abdul Hassan Fackie,

Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Since it started operations in Sierra Leone in 2008, the LAPO microfinance bank has become a household name and has now graduated to operating in the same manner like any commercial bank in the country.

Today, LAPO can boast of thousands of customers right across the country who rely on them for their banking services as well as the microfinance opportunities that the bank also offers to them.

LAPO's Managing Director, Mr. Gabriel Eshiague (pictured), says they are working round the clock to ensure that they deliver quality services and satisfaction to their numerous customers, pay their taxes to government as well as honour  their corporate social responsibilities to the people of Sierra Leone.

He stressed that they treat their customers with the greatest respect, patience and confidentiality, which makes the people happy to do business with them.

He revealed that they rank among the leading microfinance banks in the country with over thirty branches in the sixteen districts of the country and they employ over three hundred and sixty workers with only five Nigerian staff.

Mr. Eshiague disclosed that their loan products include Assets, Consumer (Salary Loan), Small Medium Enterprise, Regular Loan, Group Loan, Energy Loan and know Small Business Loan. He also stated that the only criteria one needs to access their loans is that you have been in employment for at least one or you have an existing business. He stated that they charge low interest rates with a flexible repayment pattern.

Some customers this Reporter spoke to revealed that the loans they take from LAPO has helped them to expand their businesses and improve the lives of their families.

They encouraged business people and workers to access the loans that LAPO gives as they will help them to expand their businesses and improve their lives.