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SALNAM Calling on Prayer Warriors for Lansana Mansaray

By Lans Omar,

Winnipeg, Canada.

The Sierra Leone community in Manitoba is informed that Mr. Lansana Mansaray of Winnipeg, Canada, the husband of Mrs. Adama Mansaray (nee Jawara) is seriously ill and is admitted at the St. Boniface Hospital on the 8th floor - room 105 in palliative care. 

SALNAM is calling on the community to include Lansana in their prayers for a speedy recovery.


In the Fall of 2017, Lansana was given some shocking news and has to face the biggest challenge of his life. He is battling a rare form of throat cancer - Hyalinizing Clear Cell Carcinoma. He is only the second person to have this type of cancer in Manitoba. 

Caught at stage 4 - chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are not options. His only course of action is an experimental form of immunotherapy. He recently began his treatment, and although his health continues to worsen, He is  hoping for a miracle. 

He now has a feeding tube and on high doses of numerous pain medications, and require regular doctor’s visits.


Please include Mr. Lansana Mansaray and the entire family in your prayers. The community is welcome to visit him at St. Boniface and he is allowing visitors.