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Boss LA Appears in Court in Freetown

By Lans Omar.

Winnipeg, Canada.

Sierra Leonean rapper Alhaji Amodou Bah (pictured) aka Boss LA or simply LAJ appeared in court today Monday June 20, 2022 in Freetown with his signature dreadlocks chopped off his head.

The rapper appeared before Principal Magistrate Sahr Kekura to answer to four charges including robbery.

He was refused bail and sent directly to the Pademba Road maximun prison in Freetown.

According to sources from Freetown, about ten (10) OSD officers took orders from above - handcuffed Boss LA, pinned him down and have his dreadlocks chopped off at the OSD Benghazi headquarters in Freetown. One Sierra Leonean reporter, Saikujohn Barrie, describes Benghazi as "Sierra Leone‚Äôs Nazi Concentration Camp" where fellow citizens are treated as enemies at Benghazi because they are not part of current political party in power.

In solidarity with Boss LA's arrest, Sierra Leonean musicians, bloggers, performing artists and celebrities worldwide are chopping off their hairs in support of the rappers arrest.

Folk singer, Fantacee, cut off her dreadlocks over the weekend; her dreadlocks was the longest on Sierra Leonean. Singer Missy Creams chopped off her hair too in support of LAJ.

Other singers have decided to cut off their hairs in the coming days!

Free LAJ!