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BOSS LAJ Suffers Serious Injury by the Paopa Mob 

By Mohamed Kamara,

Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leonean rapper, Boss LAJ, is responding to treatment at Choithram Hospital in Freetown after a group of thugs attacked him last week.

The incident happened on Saturday 22 at a match between East End Lions FC and Wusum Stars at National Stadium in the ongoing Sierra Leone's Premier League.

Alhaji Bankaria Bah aka LAJ is said to have sustained multiple injurious particularly on his leg after he was stabbed by some mobsters.

The musician identified the suspects as purported fans of Wusum Stars FC who clad in the team's T-Shirts.

Upon entering the stadium's Presidential Stand, LAJ and two of his friends, Daddy Ish and Samboy, saw a gang of 10 men holding knives, bottles and machetes, chasing them behind.

Among the gang of criminals are: Wizzy, Rattie and White Boy, whom the artiste claimed had attacked him on several occasions.

During those attacks, they ransacked his car and stole away his valuables, the musician alleged.

On the latest attack, he was helped by some police officers who took him to the Choithram Hospital.

The aforementioned thugs are linked to be supporters of the ruling government, Sierra Leone People's Party ( SLPP) who usually stay at the party's office in Freetown.

"LAJ, wi dey kill you today; Na First Lady you wan for play with? You nor know say na mi Mama Dan dey? Wi dey kill you lek goat! " the mobsters shouted reining invectives on the artiste.

Relying on his explanation, the notorious gangsters chased him and his friends toward the stadium's basement around the Presidential Stand.
To avoid being killed, LAJ dashed through a glassy door, however, he said he was stabbed with a broken glass by one of the culprits.

Noticing that they would be overpowered by the thugs, LAJ and his fellas ran toward Wusum Stars' dressing room and later rescued by another batch of police officers but not the ones earlier deployed at the stadium.

"The police who were providing security for the match never came to our rescue except others who later came in with their vehicle" he said.
However, the rapper has lately been accused of having made an attempt to releasing songs that are politically motivated.

Earlier, a video was circulating on social media with a musician, Rap G, requesting LAJ to withdraw his lyrics from a song the former disliked.
"I don't sing about politics; so I am calling on LAJ to delete my lyrics from any political song where my voice is" Rap G, warned.

In connection to the attack against his person, LAJ said his rights as a citizen have not been protected by the state whenever he faces similar attacks by reckless thugs.

"I've always been the victim of these unjust harassments and treatment from thugs protected by politicians," he said.

He described the attack on Saturday as an attempt to "silence" him and his career.

The rapper also denied allegations that he had never paid for the match between archrivals, East End Lions and Wusum Stars on Saturday.

"It's not true that I refused to pay for myself and 10 other friends, which led to the Premier League Board members to beat me up. This is completely wrong," he said.

LAJ is believed to be an ambassador for East End Lions Football Club, a team which defeated Wusum Stars 2-0 during that match on Saturday 22 May 2021.

"It is a political propaganda to make it look like I had a confrontation with premier league officials. For a matter of fact, they were also victims of that attack," LAJ said.