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Rapper Boss LAJ Apologises to Asmaa James

By Lans Omar,
Winnipeg, Canada

After publicly blasting for Asmaa James (pictured) of Radio Democracy 98.1 FM on a video that quickly went viral on Saturday morning, rapper Boss LAJ has come out in another media apologising to the journalist for the derogatory remarks he made against her.

In his video, Boss LAJ accused Asmaa James for not properly investigated his court bench warrant but instead she went on air and talked shi*t about him.

The rapper indeed lost his cool on the video where he called the female journalist a “whore” and he can name all the men that have had affair with her.

He further went on to say some words in his Fullah dialect depicting Asmaa James as a “street-girl”.

Below is the rapper’s apology:

“I Alhaji Amadu Bah aka Boss (LAJ) I am writing really deeply sorry for the unethical behavior I did on my live video on Saturday December 11, 2021, I still can’t believe nor decipher what went through my mind then that I became so rude and let my anger get the best of me and I did the thinkable. For that I’ll say I am sorry to Asmaa James/family and the Women of Sierra Leone.

“There is no justification for what I did and for that I’ll say sorry to the women of Sierra Leone, my family, friends, fans and supporters”.

“I have been through a lot for the past couple of years, and it somewhat having a negative effect of my mental health and I got overwhelmed during the live, no excuses whatsoever for my actions and I take full responsibility.

“I am human and I am liable to mistakes and I regret what I did”.

“Bad bush nor day for troway bad pikin, padi or fambul, we all don komot far so duya rr de beg me Salone people dem, una sorry for me duya. All RFM fans una keep de peace duya.

“Please accept my apologies.