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Kao Denero Escapes Jail Term with Peace Talks with Madson

By Lans Omar,
Winnipeg, Canada.

The name Kao Denero is synonymous with hip hop music in Sierra Leone; Arguably he's the biggest thing ever erupted in the music industry of that country, but we are not going to talk about his music today.

Two weeks ago, the rapper gathered a whole gang and beat up another rapper Madson over a diss song simply titled "Bad Kaka." The video of the beating instantly went viral as Denero was clearly seen in the fighting recording the beating and telling his boys to keep slapping and kicking Madson.

"Nor chuk am oh, just slap am en kick am." Denero was commanding his gang during the beating while he was recording it.

Madson, a raw upcoming rapper, was a member of Kao's Black Leo team. He defected long time ago and has been working with Collabo and other artists in Freetown.

After the fracas, according to Denero in an apology video, he surrendered himself to the police, was detained and later released.

40 Acres Acres Canada learnt that Denero was charged with assault, public beating and murder threats - good for the police force in Sierra Leone. A court date wasn't even announced, you heard that?

Denero is indeed a smart dude, he actually lives in the USA and he knew what he did could easily land him at least a five years jail term anywhere in the world but Sierra Leone.

As court date was preparing, Denero quickly contacted Sierra Network Production (the biggest media outlet in Sierra Leone) to produce a peace talk media with Madson. In the video, Denero apologised to Madson and they hugged each others as if nothing even happened - wow! Denero even hailed the police for good policing in Sierra Leone.

Case closed, charges dropped, no court case - game over! For real.

Over the years, Kao Denero has maintained a steady beef with lots of artists including LAJ, Terror D., Nigga Don, YOK7, Dry Eye Crew and Willie Jay, etc.

Denero even beefed PegCity's own OGK Gongor ENT aka "Kabba" over collaborating in a song that ended with Kabba releasing Denero's worst diss song called "Denero - Too Bet Bet."

40 Acres Canada is personally appealing to the Sierra Leone Police Force to take the matter to court and give Madson the justice he deserves.