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Appeal to Help the People of Kangama Ngorama with Disaster Relief

On behalf of the people of Kangama Ngorama- Kono District, we appeal to the entire Sierra Leonean community and well-wishers for donations towards the storm that devastated and caused much havoc on May 18th, 2021. 

As a result of the storm, some 67 houses were destroyed in the township leaving hundreds of people homeless. 

As this is the start of the raining season in Kono, the affected Kangama residents by the May 18th storm disaster face more challenges for some basic human needs like food, medication, clothing, and shelter. 

It is because of these developments that we request your generous support with any amount you can donate to alleviate the poor and needy at this pressing time.

Please see attached pictures below of the affected Kono community.

If you feel in your generous heart that you can help the needy, please direct all donations to:

E-transfer – Phone: 204-881-6716

We sincerely appreciate your donations and assure you that every penny will be used for its intended purpose(s).

Thank you very much for your donations and invaluable support at this time of need.

Please contact the following at these numbers should you have any questions:

Tamba Henry Yamba: 204- 688-6368

Komba Edmond Yamba: 204-998-6246

Sahr Musa Yamba: 204-293-5030