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Sierra Leone is not a Self-Restraining State Under President Bio - Part 1

By Kabs Kanu 
New York, USA.

Since President Maada Bio came to power last April, Sierra Leone lost everything she had gained after the war as a UN model of postwar reconciliation, political tolerance, peace , justice and self-restraint.

Sierra Leone rather became a country where absolute power is exercised absolutely, where one man who claims to be the President wields the big stick like the archetypal African Lord with the big stick. In this kind of atmosphere, self-restraint in leadership has been completely thrown out of the window and decisions that impugn on the fate of the state are taken arbitrarily, dictatorially and callously, without any thought about future consequences of national unity, national reconciliation and national reintegration.

President Bio has been taking arbitrary decisions without following the rule of law and the constitution. The Speaker of the House, the Chief Justice , the Bank Governor and government officials enjoying security of tenure have been summarily dismissed and replaced by people belonging to his tribe without any thought for the dictates of the laws of the land.  Ambassadors and diplomats were hastily recalled from their stations without any contingent plan and arrangement for the repatriation of these diplomats and their families.

President Bio, fueled by tribal anger and vengeance, has exercised no restraint since he came to power. He has fired thousands of workers from ministries , departments and agencies to create job opportunities for his tribesmen and women and cronies. And the British High Commissioner, Guy Warrington, who imposed President Bio on the people of Sierra Leone and other foreign ambassadors and diplomats, whose nations and international organizations were stakeholders and moral guarantors of national reconciliation and peace during the 11 year brutal civil war are sitting down supinely watching President Bio trying very hard to return the country to war.

As soon as the elections results were announced and President Bio declared winner, thugs and supporters of his SLPP went all over the country, beating, maiming and in many cases killing perceived opponents and supporters of the APC as well as destroying their sources of livelihood. President Bio said or did nothing to restrain them. They burnt down market stalls, places of business and homes because their owners campaigned against the SLPP during the elections. Jungle rule was relaunched in the country and many lives were lost.

Because Sierra Leone , under President Bio, is no longer a self-restraining State, the economy has suffered a merciless beating too as international trade, commerce and investments , as well as tourism, are no longer forthcoming , with devastating effects on the economy and the lives of the people. Prices of basic commodities and services have escalated and extreme hardship, the likes of which have never been seen in Sierra Leone, is now the lot of the people.

Because the country is no longer a self-restraining State, President Bio is spending more time going after his opponents than tackling the bread -and-butter issues , not to mention infrastructural developments, which were a high point of the last government of former President Ernest Koroma.

Sierra Leoneans have regretted voting for President Bio and audios, videos, comments and articles lambasting his dictatorial rule and lack of progress in the nation go viral on social media everyday as the people of Sierra Leone vent their frustration.