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Jimmy B Could Land Himself into Some Serious Trouble over These Rape Allegations  

By Lans Omar
Winnipeg, Canada.

If all these women; The ones in Freetown, the other lady in Canada and the rest of the other girls in the diaspora unanimously come together and present these rape allegation charges against Jimmy B. (pictured) in any court of law, "The God-Father of Sierra Leone entertainment" will be in one hell of a huge trouble. Trust.

These are all recent allegations by lots of women from different backgrounds.

Today alone, I listened to couple of medias including Zainab Sheriff's voice note, the lady in Canada, another girl in Belgium and several other girls from Freetown narrating how Jimmy B had lured them into a sexual trap, some like Zainab Sheriff escaped the trap, other poor innocent girls swallowed the bait.

Jimmy B. SMH.

I personally see no reason of hate why Morris Kamara will come up with such allegations against Jimmy B who has help shaped the entertainment industry of that country while Morris Kamara himself is an artist/musician.

With all this line-up of women ready to spit fire about their sexual ordeals with JImmy B., I see no reason why Morris Kamara should fabricate this. Nada.

In one of Morris Kamara's post I just read earlier today, he clearly lamented that Jimmy has been going after these young innocent girls because he's famous, still in the game and has some inner circle friends in power, and he can get away with this after molesting these women.

My take here is for all these women to come forward and put a strong case against Jimmy, it'll be up to the law of Sierra Leone to prove Jimmy wrong or right.

The Sierra Leone entertainment industry has a chronic attitude of the guys at the top always molesting these young aspiring talents with the false motive of helping them get into the business and fly high. Few tried to even got into the industry but majority of these girls ended up been sexually molested and left with no taxi fare to get home. I know of couple of incidents that have happened in the past.

Just here SMH.....